Thursday, April 25, 2013

LG's 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TVs‏ Preview

LG is back with their new innovation:

LG 2013 CINEMA 3D Smart TV

Being a proud leader in Ultra HD and OLED TV developments, LG Electronics constantly pushes TV technology forward with the aim to create the ultimate premium home entertainment experience and to innovate its TV with a consumer-centric mind-set.

LG 2013 CINEMA 3D Smart TV line-up brings Singapore a smart and stylish future home with smart features, sharp picture quality, and sleek design.

The event was held at The P' Club Group Exclusive Showroom, with furniture by Christopher Guy, 'Creators of the most fabulous lifestyles'.

The interior design of the penthouse was really gorgeous. 
How I wish I live at here.......

It offered us magnificent view of our urban city skyline. So beautiful.

The penthouse was luxurious which made Jas and I feel like a royalty.

GF and I enjoying our drinks.

LG Smart TV is packed with new features that are designed with consumers’ savvy needs in mind, resulting in smart sharing of content, smart control of home entertainment system, and smart content that brings a smile to adults and children alike. Let us take a look at some of these features:

LG Smart TVs use high technology to deliver a smooth user experience and superior picture quality.

The enhanced Triple XD Engine makes more natural color expression, deeper contrast, and better clarity. The model also come with a 2.1 Speaker System which produce sound of incredible depth and liveliness, bringing the cinema home with booming exhilaration.

This is definitely a noteworthy electronics product to enhance the overall interior design of your modern homes.

With user experience as a primary focus, LG enhanced its Magic Remote to make applications and features selection and usage faster, simpler and more enjoyable on a daily basis.

The Magic Remote Gesture Control allows users to change TV channel by drawing the channel number on the screen. If users find typing a hassle, they can use the Voice Search function available on Magic Remote to directly look for content on the TV including those on the internet. 

Motion Control is another smart control function, which enables users to control the TV with a bare hand and is a convenient substitute when the Magic Remote is out of reach. Basic settings such as volume, channel, input source and power off could be adjust. 

A very high tech function suitable for lazy people who refuse to get up from their comfort zone to reach out for the remote control.

Users can also download the LG TV Remote App (available in Google Play Store and App Store) onto their smartphones to control their TV, Blu-ray Player, and Sound System, all in one device. Cool right?

Time Machine II which allow user to record TV programs and save onto the TV's built-in memory while watching other programs or channels. This enables users to rewind and playback at their leisure. 

Gamers, be alert!

The latest 3D entertainment from LG also enables Dual Play, through which two gamers can play at the same time and enjoy a full-screen independent view through their Dual Play glasses while playing the traditional split screen games.

For example, the car racing: red vs yellow.

For us, we will see a combination of red and yellow colour car. But for the 2 players who wore their Dual Play glasses, they will only see their own cars, which mean one will see a red car while the other will see a yellow car.

In addition, the latest line-up offers a greater variety of smart entertainment which includes the K-Pop Zone. User can watch popular Korean content such as music videos, concerts and behind the scenes updates. 

The variety and scope of LG’s smart entertainment ensure that users will never be bored.

I had an enjoyable night watching the Kpop music videos.
Thanks LG for the kind invitation.

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