Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Trip to Singapore Zoo Part 1

Finally met up with my childhood friend, Jessie, again after a long time (about 9 months I guessed). Jessie had just finished her exam and is having her school holiday now. So envy lor, I want long holiday also!!!

We met up with each other on a Sunday noon. We were thinking of where to go and zoo popped up in our mind. The last time I went to zoo was like nearly 10 years ago and zoo is one of places of attraction that I really want to visit.

So the 2 of us made our trip down to Singapore Zoo located at Mandai Lake Road. It took us nearly one of the half hour to reach the destination. Though the journey time may seemed long, but both of us didn't feel it as we had way to much things to catch up and update on.

Yes, we finally reached Singapore Zoo.
The ticket to zoo costs $22 per person. The ticket is exclusive of admission to River Safari, Jia Jia and Kai Kai, I will come visit you again some other days.

Do you know?

Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world.
Singapore Zoo has been known for having among the most beautiful wildlife park settings in the world, where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats. It creates a more interactive and upclose experience for the visitors. It brings the animals and visitors together in one space for incredibly intimate encounters.

You will see what I mean later. Super excited to start exploring the zoo. We walked through a forest canopy that brought us closer to the nature and its wildlife.

Cotton-top Tamarin was found swinging around the tree trunk. Hmm, what did the cute monkey found?

With my childhood bff - Jessie.
Though we have not meet for a long time, we still have endless things to talk about. Love meeting up with old friends.

Can you spot the 2 otters swimming in the water?

They are actually good swimmers as they move like acrobats in the water. 

Flamingos next.

Wow, look at their super long stick legs! They can even balance themselves while standing on one leg. 

We passed by the free-ranging area for the orang utans.
The absence of walls and the inclusion of the raised boardwalk allow us to have a good angle looking at what the orang utans are doing. It allows them to move and swing around freely too.

I caught one orang utan climbing the tree. Climbing up the tree is a very good form of exercising.


So sad, when I passed by the Frozen Tundra, the exhibit for polar bear was empty. Aww, where did the polar bears go????

4 white rhinoceros eating grass together.
The white rhinoceros have a huge body but a short neck.

Elands were spotted far away.
They belonged to the species of antelope.

The zebra was walking close to us.
They belonged to the horse family and their distinctive black and white stripe makes them unique.
Each of them has their own unique stripe patterns if you look closely.

The weather was super duper hot. Lucky I brought a cap along.
At least my face was not exposed to the blazing sun. 

Looking at the zebras reminded me of a documentary video that I watched recently.
The video was actually about a zebra crossing the river and was bitten by a crocodile. It was a very gruesome video because when the zebra came out of the water, you could see its bloody organ about to detach from its body. Gosh!

Did any of you watch the video?

A lonely warthog loitering in the grassland. It is a member of wild pig.
It reminded me of 2NE1's song:

"Baby I'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely"

We met the tallest living animal  - giraffe.

The first thing that came to my mind was: "Kwang Soo, you are here!!!!"

hahahaha.. Oh yes, Kwang Soo is coming to Singapore on 15th June 2013, who is going for his fan meet?

Wow, giraffe really had a long neck. Not only that, it also had a long tongue where it can reach its nose.
Their patch pattern is to allow them to camouflage and blend in to the woods and bushes.

We crossed over to the cat country and invaded the lion's territory. See, it was roaring. 

Wow, the lion on the left seemed so skinny. But don't be little them, they can kill their preys within seconds.
Lion is also known as the king of jungle, they position themselves as the best predator.

Er, is the other lion looking at me and about to get up? Okay, I better move on before it walked towards me.

Located far in the north of Singapore is the beautiful Seletar Reservoir. 
The scene is so captivating. Our fresh water is surrounded by the adjacent greenery.

A day out with my childhood friend is a day well spent.
We knew each other when we were 4 years old. Waaa, how many years had passed already?

Now I am so old already -_-

Mandrills on the tree trunk.
So many different types of Monkey in the zoo, so hard to differentiate them.

Regretted bringing a small water bottle, I finished it within the first hour. I had to spend $2 to bring a bottle of mineral water. So expensive la.

 Spotted 2 chimpanzees. 
Chimpanzees are actually highly intelligent animals. A multi-tiered timber platform structure with planted fallen tree trucks and a series of overhanging forest vines create a lofty playland for the chimpanzees to exercise and enjoy.

Without us knowing, we had already finished touring half of the zoo. Interest to know what is at the other part of the zoo?

Stay tuned to my second post.

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