Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Manhattan FISH MARKET re-opens at Marina Square

The Manhattan FISH MARKET is one of my favourite dine-out choice because they serve only the freshest, lip-smacking American-style seafood and ingredients. 

One bite is enough to keep you swimming back!

The Manhattan FISH MARKET has become one of Asia’s leading casual dining restaurant chains by ensuring only the highest quality seafood is served; and by offering innovation and variety in their menu.

This was how they won my heart.

After undergoing months of renovations, The Manhattan FISH MARKET at Marina Square had recently returned to re-open its outlet at ‘The Dining Edition’ space in the mall with a totally brand new look and feel to much delight among diners.

Upon entering the newly renovated restaurant, we were being greeted to a warm and cozy décor. It made us feel comfortable at once.

What beats having a glass of Citrus Mint Smoothie ($5.50) to quench  your thirst. If you love the combination of refreshing lemon juice and mint, this is the drink for you. It is also the signature drink at The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

I had Chocolate Milkshake ($4.50).
I was blown away upon the first sip. It tasted heavenly good, I just love the rich chocolate flavour in it.

We started our meal with Garlic Herb Mussels ($7.95).
The fresh poached mussels were soaked up in the milky sauce. I must say the mussels were succulent and chewy good.

Besides the mussels, we also had baguette to go along with. Let's not waste the sauce and dip the baguette into it.

You have to try out The Manhattan FISH MARKET trio irresistible dipping sauces. Each sauce is unique and awesome in its own way. The trio of dipping sauces - Cajun Honey Mustard, Spicy Seafood Dip and Smoky Chipotle Sauce.

These home-made sauces are served alongside with the dishes making them insanely yummylicious!

Diners will have a choice of one of the three home-made dipping sauces with purchase of the three sharing platters. Each dipping bowl comes with 120ml of dipping sauce. Additional dipping sauce is available at $1.50 each.

We got to try the Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter ($39.95).

The indisputable No.1 choice of the fans! This platter serves up generous portions of hand battered fish fillets, oysters and calamari.

The platter set also includes:
- Two Soup of the Day (Regular) 
- Two Ice Lemon Tea 
- Choice of any one dipping sauce - Most recommended with Smoky Chipotle Sauce.

The highlight will be the Manhattan Flaming Prawns, brought to full flavor when the Sea-cret Agents flame them right before our eyes!

My mouth was wide open when the platter was presented in front of me. It was filled with all my favourite food.

The fish fillet was crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside. Every mouth simply taste so delicious and they were all perfectly fried. The prawns on the other hand was cheesy remarkable. There were four of us sharing this platter so we had one prawn each. 

Seriously, one prawn was not enough to satisfy our cravings and temptation. So we ordered Manhattan Flaming Prawns ($19.95). Yes, we want more prawns!!!

We also had the Spicy Baked Fish ($15.95).
At the first mouth, I could feel the extra spicy marinade that was present in the baked fish. If you are a spice lover, spicy baked fish is definitely something you cannot miss.

Though I am not really a spice person, but I really love this. It stimulated my appetite. 

A girl's dinner is not complete with dessert.

We had Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream ($9.90) to round off the meal.

I was drooling just looking at it.
The warm sizzling brownie was coated with caramel sauce and toppled up with vanilla ice-cream. It was extremely delicious, the brownie was so soft that it literally melt in my mouth. Yum! Yum!

Thanks HP for the group photo.
I had an awesome dinner at The Manhattan FISH MARKET with all my friends on the last day of July.

For more information, please visit their Facebook Page at

The Manhattan FISH MARKET @ Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
#02-182 Singapore 039594

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

River Safari - River-Themed Wildlife Park Part 2

After walking through the amazing seven rivers, it's time to move on to Giant Panda Forest, the largest panda exhibit in Southeast Asia, and meet China’s gift to Singapore, giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Kai Kai and Jia Jia, here I come.

Kai Kai and Jia Jia welcoming me to their lovely habitat.

Passing by the gorgeous Amazon River again, I couldn't resist myself to stop whatever I was doing and capture this lovely scenery.  I have never seen a river that is as enchanting as this, the beauty of the nature.

Very beautiful right?
I couldn't believe Singapore has such an enchanting place, it's too urbanise.

Thanks CF for taking the shot of me and GF.

Can't enough of the scenery. We actually stayed here for quite awhile before we entered the Giant Panda Forest. 

Aww, who was that cute little furry thing running about?
So cute that I want to go forward and hug it.

The cute little furry thing was actually the Red Panda.

The red panda is also known as the firefox due to its bright rust-coloured furry coat and fox-like face, the red panda is slightly larger than size of a domestic cat. it shares some similar traits with the giant panda as both feed predominantly on bamboo and have extra "thumbs" to hold their food.

A close-up shot of the Red Panda. It was so hyperactive, it just keep running round and round all the while. 

One thing I liked about the forest was that it was air-conditioned. Super cooling down here, I felt so shiok after the long walk. Let's stay here for a little while more.

Visiting Kai Kai's home.

Kai Kai was munching the bamboo when we approached his habitat.

Giant Panda is one of the world’s most adored and protected rare animals. With only 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild, it has become the world’s most recognised symbol for wildlife protection and conservation.

Do you know why the giant pandas are endangered?

It is due to the habitat loss and the lack of food source, people are cutting down forests which resulted in the limited source of bamboo. Moreover, the female pandas ovulate once in a year and the fertile period only last two to three days.

Kai Kai was separated from Jia Jia. They were being separated by a door.
Is it because the female panda ovulates once in a year so they only get to meet each other during that period? Anyone knows?

While watching Kai Kai, the zookeeper told us to grab our time to see Jia Jia in case she returned to her cave.

Say hello to the shy female panda, Jia Jia.

The giant panda exhibit is stimulated to their natural climate, this bio-dome is kept at a cool temperature of 18-22 degree Celsius.

Thanks CF for the photo.

Before we walked down the long walkway back to the exit, we took a rest at the Mama Panda Kitchen.

The two statute of the giant pandas bidding goodbye to the visitors.

Visited the panda themed eatery, isn't the panda seat cool?

GF tried the popular panda bun.
It is actually red bean paste filling in it.

Can you guess the name of these fishes?

They are actually the red-bellied Piranha. The flooded forest is also where the world’s most feared fish species live. Piranha is known for its sharp, razor-like teeth that shreds its prey to pieces in seconds when it feeds in a large school. Its jaws are so tough that it can even bite through steel fishing hooks!. As both predator and scavenger, the piranha does its part for the environment by getting rid of carcasses within the rivers.

It reminded me of the Piranha 3D and 3DD movie, the scary man-eating fish will eat human up if you enter their habitat.

Caught the photo of the velvet sky just before sunset.
With this, I shall end my post on the joyful trip to River Safari with my lovely companions. I enjoyed the trip very much.

River Safari - River-Themed Wildlife Park Part 1

River Safari is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park. 

Occupying 12 hectares, it houses one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals. The park is home to over 150 plant species and 5,000 animal specimens, including 42 endangered species.

With the rapid population growth, economic development and industrialisation, it led to the unprecedented transformation of freshwater habitats and consequent biodiversity loss. By bringing visitors up-close to the fascinating underwater and terrestrial animals that live in such ecosystems, it will highlight the importance of rivers to the survival and be inspired to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Finally, I made my visit to River Safari which was opened in early 2013.

Thanks GF and CF for coming to this educational trip with me on my birthday. It was a joyful one.

And the main purpose of coming to River Safari was to see Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the two cute giant panda.

We were ready to embark on a journey of discovery into one of the world's largest repositories for river dwelling animals.

Our first stop was Mississippi River.

Mississippi River is the largest river system in North America, the Mississippi flows through 10 states and is the world’s fourth longest river. It has been home to more than 400 wildlife species.

The Alligator Snapping Turtle.

This alligator snapping turtle has the second strongest jaw and bite in the entire animal kingdom. It’s a great actor too. Lying motionless in the water during its hunt for fishes, it baits its prey by wriggling its thin tongue to mimic a worm. When a prey comes into position, it snaps its jaws with incredible speed and force, killing its prey instantly.

Never know turtle can be so violent too.

Second stop: Congo River.

The Congo River is the deepest river in the world, going beyond 220 metres. Charging towards a violent stretch of rapids, it makes multiple drops creating magnificent waterfalls before ending off into the Atlantic Ocean. Located at Africa, the raging waters of the Congo River lies a hidden world of beauty and serenity.

The Congo River exhibit at River Safari is a playground for some of the world’s most colourful fish. Don't it resemble a jewel tanks filled with colours of vibrant gemstones?

The gorgeous view of the Amazon River. I was captivated by the diverse rainforest habitats and the surrounding scenary. 

A pity that the Amazon River Quest boat ride and the animals along this ride is still not available yet. I will be back again once it operates.

A photo with the girls after River Nile. Thanks for accompanying me on my birthday ♥

Coming up next was Ganges River.
The river flowing through India and Bangladesh.

Spotted the Indian Gharial.
With its distinguishing elongated snout, believed to have evolved from its diet of small fishes, the Indian gharial has its origins traced as far back as the days of the dinosaurs. It is critically endangered today with an estimation of less than 200 left in the wild.

How can I miss the photo with the incredible crocodile?

Caught sight of Crab-eating Macaque at Mekong River.

Crab-eating Macaque is commonly found throughout Southeast Asia. Its excellent swimming skills allow them to nimbly forage within the river for crabs and other aquatic life for food.

Oops, how did the Crab-eating Macaque know that I was taking photo of him? He turned and looked around at me.

Next up, Mekong River.

The majestic Mekong River is certainly the “Mother of all Rivers”, with at least 60 million people in Asia depending on it for fish and other resources. At over 4,300 kilometres, the Mekong River makes its journey through six countries before entering South Vietnam and flowing out to the South China Sea.

Come face to face with the largest freshwater fish in the world - Mekong Giant Catfish.

Another highlight of the Mekong river is the giant freshwater stingray. This mysterious prehistoric predatory fish inhabits some of the wildest and most remote waters on earth.

River Safari indeed shared many similar features with S.E.A Aquarium except that River Safari housed river species while S.E.A Aquarium housed marine species.

Approaching Yangtze River.

Asia’s longest river and the world’s third longest, the Yangtze is also known as Chang Jiang meaning Long River. It holds 40% of China’s freshwater resources and one-third of China’s population lives around the river. Passing through the famous Three Gorges, the Yangtze offers some of China’s most scenic getaways.

Did you see something coming?

The Chinese Alligator is coming.

 It is one of the world’s rarest crocodilians found predominantly in slow-moving rivers, streams, lakes and ponds around the Yangtze river. The Chinese alligator has a fully armoured body with bony plates protecting its belly as well as its upper eyelids.

CF took a photo of me when I was studying the alligator.

Be transported into the region of Chang Jiang at River Safari, where you can admire some of the world’s most critically endangered wildlife that reside within the Yangtze basin.

Thanks for reading River Safari part 1, I will be back for part 2 soon.
To be continued..................


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