Saturday, June 22, 2013

Asia Style Collection 2013

Asia Style Collection is happening in Singapore for the very first time.

It is one of the the biggest Asian Fashion X Music event of the year.

The inaugural ASIA STYLE COLLECTION 2013 is a celebration of Asian pop culture, combining fashion and music in an amazing one-day extravaganza. The event features the first-ever collaboration of Korea’s K-POP COLLECTION and Japan’s TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION, with exciting performances by Asia’s marquee musical acts such as Girls' Generation and 2NE1.

My 2 favourite k-pop girl groups are here in Singapore. Many of us were so excited about it, Korean wave has infested us all.

You must be wondering what are they chosen?

Girls' Generation and 2NE1 are not only the most popular girl groups, but they are also known for their fashionistas.

2NE1 are definitely one of the fashion icon that hold my interest. From their makeup, to their dressing and accessories, everything got me so fascinated. 2NE1 have always be seen wearing the heavy makeup (bold eyeliner, dark eyeshadows and false eyelashes.

Their style are really one-of-its-kind, it is so funky. Pair it over with stockings to enhance your sexy legs.

As you can see from both pictures, animal prints are quite trendy in K-pop fashion. Leopard print seems to be the favourite among all others. Be it cardigan or bag, let's join in the trend now.

I always love Park Bom's  makeup and fashion style. It looked so good on her.
Park Bom's loves to wear hot pants with sexy, seethrough stockings. Her appearance is always so eye-catching. I love her doll-like look.

Girls' Generation is the first girl groups that I liked. I liked them since their album "Gee", it is super addictive.
Girls' Generation is also another favourite fashion icon of mine. They have bring in the trend for bold coloured hair (blue, pink and purple) and feminine hair accessories from their latest album "I Got A Boy".

The bright colour funky street style is taking over the trend now - sneakers, stockings, baggy jeans and loose top.

Jessica has a great sense of fashion. She is also known for her airport fashion. 
Basically, Jessica looked great in everything she wore, it suits her style and personality. Her outfits are versatile, Jessica can always be seen wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, stockings and not just limit herself to jeans. 

They are my fashion icons. I want to learn more from them.


I met up with my Linda and GF that afternoon for Asia Style Collection 2013 carnival held at Singapore Expo.

Linda and I were both in mask. The haze was so bad and it had gone tremendously high the few days. PSI was about 350+ that day, we had no choice but to wear a mask out as breathing in too much of these pollutants will result in cancer.

We had so much to catch up that day.
Somehow or rather, our conversation topic was linked to Thai horror movies and GF showed us the video of the movie "Body". Actually I have a low threshold for horror stuffs. Oh man, now the scene kept replaying on its own in my mind, I think I will have a hard time to sleep tonight.

Okay, I need to distract myself.

Guess who I met?

Spotted Joanne at the carnival, she was the host of the carnival. It's been really long since we last met, the last time we met was in 2012. Time flies like a bullet train.

Didn't really dress myself up because I was not going for the concert and fashion show. I had no ticket for it, miss the chance to catch my idols in person :(

Girls' Generation will be coming back to Singapore this October for their world tour concert. I really hope to catch this concert, was already thinking whether to buy the ticket or not.

A group photo of the girls to end off the post.
Though I did not manage to catch the concert, but it was still a fruitful trip as I had a great chatting session with my girls.

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