Saturday, September 21, 2013

Big Bang's Concert at 2013 Formula 1 (F1) Singtel Singapore Grand Prix Day 1

I was so looking forward to that Friday because weekend is finally here and I'm gonna catch Big Bang. It's time to gear up for the night race and hot entertainment.

F1 Night Race is back in Singapore after one year of waiting. This marked my second year to F1, I was here for Maroon 5 last year.

I had been counting down day and night for this date to arrive. It will be my first time watching Big Bang live performance. Big Bang, I'm coming!

Got news from Steffi that the fan zone was still not fully packed yet, so GF and I decided to head straight to the Padang stage after our dinner.

Having a good chat with GF while killing time. 

As well as watching the screening of the practicing round.

With Christine. I love going to concert with friends who love kpop like me.
Thanks for coming back to look for me when we got separated.

Once the night race ended at 11pm, everybody was counting down to Big Bang's performance at 11.15pm.
Before the boys were out, "Fantastic Baby" video was being played on the screen. Everybody was screaming and singing along with the video. It was really an unforgettable sight.

And yes, the boys were out with the opening performance "Tonight" and "Hands Up".
Upon seeing the boys. I could feel the 4 hours of waiting immediately paid off.

I was charmed by their action. G Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri rocked my night.

A closer look of Taeyang. 
Though it is fashionable, but it is freaking hot to wear like this in Singapore.

G Dragon had explained that this was Big Bang's second time in Singapore for F1. They were happy to be back here again. The VIPs were all feeling high and elated too. At once, Padang has turned into the biggest party ground with 35,000 fans dancing the night away.

The boys also took turn to greet the fans in English and they communicated in English with us all the way. Thumb up for Big Bang.

My favourite boys of all, TOP.
TOP had shown us the charming and cute side of him that night. He is always so shy, just love him so much ♥♥♥

The maknae Seungri has brought us his solo single "Gotta Talk to U".

Seungri was so funny, he never failed to make us laugh. This was his conversation with us:
Seungri: "Are you guys having fun? ........ Sorry, my English is terrible."

I took a short video at the concert, hope you guys enjoy it.

Taeyang has good interaction with fans as well. This was what he asked:

Taeyang: "Who am I?"
Fans: "Taeyang!"
Taeyang: "Who am I?"
Fans: "Taeyang!"
Taeyang: "I'm a bad boy."

And with that, it brought us to their next song, "Bad Boy".

Taeyang also come up with a rap based on what he eats in Singapore: "I ate chili crab, pepper crab and mantous". (fried buns)

Everybody just love Singapore's crabs.

What I like about Big Bang is their b-boy look, their music talent, infectious tracks and high energy stage performances.

G Dragon thanked all the fans who came down today to support them. He knew that many waited for them since morning and they really appreciate it.

Daesung is so cute!

Good times always passed so fast, we had come to the end of the concert.

Big Bang made a 90 degree bow and bid goodbye to the fans.
The fans were all screaming no and they wanted the boys to come back again. 

After multiple chanting of encore, Big Bang was back on stage again.

They closed the concert with Fantastic Baby. ~ BOOM! Shakalaka! BOOM! Shakalaka! BOOM! Shakalaka! ~

With that, the 80 minutes concert concluded the end of Singapore Grand Prix Day One. The performances were totally awesome as every single members give in their best to make the concert a perfect one. I really love attending concert and watching the performance live.

The concert ended at 12.40am. I was super lucky to be able to catch the last train home. Though I was  feeling tired, but it's totally worth it.

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