Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catch a glimpse of Running Man Casts at Jurong Point

The casts of my all-time favourite Korean variety show, Running Man, were here in Singapore.

Out of the seven hosts, only five of them came to Singapore for autograph session and Watson Race Start! They were Jee Seok Jin, Haha, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary.

Not sure if you still remember two months ago, Lee Kwang Soo came to Singapore for his first Fan Meeting. I was there at the Fan Meeting and even shake hand with him. Thanks HP for the ticket that time. You can read the post on Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting In Singapore here.

How can I miss the chance to see the other five casts this time round when they are in Singapore? Especially my two favourite - Kim Jong Kook and Gary.

I had an early morning date with Tingwen at Jurong Point. Both of us love Running Man, we had been discussing about this for the past two weeks.
Pardon my no makeup face. I know that I will be sweating a lot, so I did not bother to put on any makeup at all.

Up on the stage was DJ. Danny Yeo, who was warming the fans up.
The fans were all cheering for the members to be out: Running Man! Running Man! Running Man! Running Man! Running Man!

After much waiting, the Running Man casts had finally arrived. All the fans had erupted with loud cheers and screams for their idols. Of which, Gary got the loudest cheer.

After a short greeting, they immediately began with the autograph session. Aww, the Monday couple were sitting together, have you spotted them?

Haha and Jee Seok Jin.

Gary oppa had shared with us that he loved the chilli crab in Singapore.
Everybody just love chilli crab when they came to Singapore.

We had come to the end of the short one hour session with Haha, Seok Jin, Jong Kook, Ji YHyo and Gary.

The casts bidded goodbye to all the fans.
A pity that I did not have a closer look of them, I was literally blocked by all the big camera, phones and ipad. 
Omg I will miss them so much, please come to Singapore soon again.

Running Man daebak!

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