Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fide Fashion Week 2013 - Burkman Bros + G Dragon + Uomo Collezioni

I was here at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall for Fide Fashion Week 2013.
So happy to be back here again as I have not been attending fashion show for quite awhile. Thanks Andrew for the invitation (:

The runway looked so different from the usual fashion show that I went.
The design and decoration of the ballroom was inspired by the streets of New York, Lower East Side and Greenwich Village. The set features a close resemblance to the actual street in New York, with carpet grass, the iconic lamp posts and authentic shop fronts. Two rows of shops flank the runway, with rows of elegant Tiffany chairs on both sides for guests to sit during shows.

Settled myself down on the second row while waiting for the show to start.

The schedule for today was men collection:
Burkman Bros.

Burkman Bros is a New York-based label by the creative partnership of Doug and Ben Burkman, 2 entrepreneurial Canadian brothers who launched the label in 2009.
With their previous experience as designers at Gap Inc., they are experts at design skills and incorporating unique fabrics for their clothes.

Burkman Bros is a line of casual menswear that deftly marries rugged good looks with classic preppy styling. Their tailored fit and menswear pieces are influenced by their love for travels, making each season of their collection fresh and new. 

The brothers are also known for their honest “if I wouldn’t wear it, I wouldn’t make it” approach to their designs.

The convention hall was crowded with many young girls. This is because Kwon Ji Yong aka G-Dragon will  be performing live at Fashion Week 2013. Leader of the pop-sensation band, Big Bang was back in Singapore again for a solo act.

Right after Burkman Bros show was G Dragon's solo act, the ticket holders were then being brought into another hall for the showcase. Though my ticket couldn't admit into the hall, but I could hear him singing live as I was only one door apart. So near yet so far.

Though I couldn't watch Ji Yong performing live, I felt satisfied too watching his performance on screen and listening to his live singing.

G-Dragon is certainly one of Asia’s biggest young talent. 
Described as the “most fashionable” member of his band, G-Dragon’s tight control on his image and artistry has won him praises. The fashionista’s role in influencing fashion trends in South Korea has made him the only man selected as one of the “50 Reasons Why Seoul is the Best City” by CNN. Equally compelling are his frequent changes of hairstyles and hair colour, which sparks off a fever amongst his fans and sets a new trend.

G Dragon had brought us a total of 5 songs during the showcase. I just love his extravagant dances and visuals.

It was a short half an hour performance. I was grooving along with his music, it was awesome. Ji Yong, please come back to Singapore again soon.

We went for an interval break before the next show commenced.

With TZ for the second show. TZ looked so stylish in his Depression outfit.
Haven't been seeing him for so long, missing the old good times.

The next show was Uomo Collezioni.

Uomo Collezioni offers a wide range of ready to wear and made to measure collections of suits, leisurewear and hand crafted luxury accessories from premium European brands.

After Uomo Collezioni, I left for my dinner appointment. Felt a little wasted because G Dragon made a special appearance for the next fashion show, Surrender. Argh, I missed the chance of seeing him in person that day. So sad!!!! All the fashion shows were all push up an hour later than the schedule time. If they do start on time, I will definitely stay for Surrender. I was so hungry by the time Uomo Collezioni ended so I left. But anyway, I didn't know G Dragon will be gracing Surrender too.

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