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River Safari - River-Themed Wildlife Park Part 1

River Safari is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park. 

Occupying 12 hectares, it houses one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals. The park is home to over 150 plant species and 5,000 animal specimens, including 42 endangered species.

With the rapid population growth, economic development and industrialisation, it led to the unprecedented transformation of freshwater habitats and consequent biodiversity loss. By bringing visitors up-close to the fascinating underwater and terrestrial animals that live in such ecosystems, it will highlight the importance of rivers to the survival and be inspired to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Finally, I made my visit to River Safari which was opened in early 2013.

Thanks GF and CF for coming to this educational trip with me on my birthday. It was a joyful one.

And the main purpose of coming to River Safari was to see Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the two cute giant panda.

We were ready to embark on a journey of discovery into one of the world's largest repositories for river dwelling animals.

Our first stop was Mississippi River.

Mississippi River is the largest river system in North America, the Mississippi flows through 10 states and is the world’s fourth longest river. It has been home to more than 400 wildlife species.

The Alligator Snapping Turtle.

This alligator snapping turtle has the second strongest jaw and bite in the entire animal kingdom. It’s a great actor too. Lying motionless in the water during its hunt for fishes, it baits its prey by wriggling its thin tongue to mimic a worm. When a prey comes into position, it snaps its jaws with incredible speed and force, killing its prey instantly.

Never know turtle can be so violent too.

Second stop: Congo River.

The Congo River is the deepest river in the world, going beyond 220 metres. Charging towards a violent stretch of rapids, it makes multiple drops creating magnificent waterfalls before ending off into the Atlantic Ocean. Located at Africa, the raging waters of the Congo River lies a hidden world of beauty and serenity.

The Congo River exhibit at River Safari is a playground for some of the world’s most colourful fish. Don't it resemble a jewel tanks filled with colours of vibrant gemstones?

The gorgeous view of the Amazon River. I was captivated by the diverse rainforest habitats and the surrounding scenary. 

A pity that the Amazon River Quest boat ride and the animals along this ride is still not available yet. I will be back again once it operates.

A photo with the girls after River Nile. Thanks for accompanying me on my birthday ♥

Coming up next was Ganges River.
The river flowing through India and Bangladesh.

Spotted the Indian Gharial.
With its distinguishing elongated snout, believed to have evolved from its diet of small fishes, the Indian gharial has its origins traced as far back as the days of the dinosaurs. It is critically endangered today with an estimation of less than 200 left in the wild.

How can I miss the photo with the incredible crocodile?

Caught sight of Crab-eating Macaque at Mekong River.

Crab-eating Macaque is commonly found throughout Southeast Asia. Its excellent swimming skills allow them to nimbly forage within the river for crabs and other aquatic life for food.

Oops, how did the Crab-eating Macaque know that I was taking photo of him? He turned and looked around at me.

Next up, Mekong River.

The majestic Mekong River is certainly the “Mother of all Rivers”, with at least 60 million people in Asia depending on it for fish and other resources. At over 4,300 kilometres, the Mekong River makes its journey through six countries before entering South Vietnam and flowing out to the South China Sea.

Come face to face with the largest freshwater fish in the world - Mekong Giant Catfish.

Another highlight of the Mekong river is the giant freshwater stingray. This mysterious prehistoric predatory fish inhabits some of the wildest and most remote waters on earth.

River Safari indeed shared many similar features with S.E.A Aquarium except that River Safari housed river species while S.E.A Aquarium housed marine species.

Approaching Yangtze River.

Asia’s longest river and the world’s third longest, the Yangtze is also known as Chang Jiang meaning Long River. It holds 40% of China’s freshwater resources and one-third of China’s population lives around the river. Passing through the famous Three Gorges, the Yangtze offers some of China’s most scenic getaways.

Did you see something coming?

The Chinese Alligator is coming.

 It is one of the world’s rarest crocodilians found predominantly in slow-moving rivers, streams, lakes and ponds around the Yangtze river. The Chinese alligator has a fully armoured body with bony plates protecting its belly as well as its upper eyelids.

CF took a photo of me when I was studying the alligator.

Be transported into the region of Chang Jiang at River Safari, where you can admire some of the world’s most critically endangered wildlife that reside within the Yangtze basin.

Thanks for reading River Safari part 1, I will be back for part 2 soon.
To be continued..................

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