Tuesday, July 30, 2013

River Safari - River-Themed Wildlife Park Part 2

After walking through the amazing seven rivers, it's time to move on to Giant Panda Forest, the largest panda exhibit in Southeast Asia, and meet China’s gift to Singapore, giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Kai Kai and Jia Jia, here I come.

Kai Kai and Jia Jia welcoming me to their lovely habitat.

Passing by the gorgeous Amazon River again, I couldn't resist myself to stop whatever I was doing and capture this lovely scenery.  I have never seen a river that is as enchanting as this, the beauty of the nature.

Very beautiful right?
I couldn't believe Singapore has such an enchanting place, it's too urbanise.

Thanks CF for taking the shot of me and GF.

Can't enough of the scenery. We actually stayed here for quite awhile before we entered the Giant Panda Forest. 

Aww, who was that cute little furry thing running about?
So cute that I want to go forward and hug it.

The cute little furry thing was actually the Red Panda.

The red panda is also known as the firefox due to its bright rust-coloured furry coat and fox-like face, the red panda is slightly larger than size of a domestic cat. it shares some similar traits with the giant panda as both feed predominantly on bamboo and have extra "thumbs" to hold their food.

A close-up shot of the Red Panda. It was so hyperactive, it just keep running round and round all the while. 

One thing I liked about the forest was that it was air-conditioned. Super cooling down here, I felt so shiok after the long walk. Let's stay here for a little while more.

Visiting Kai Kai's home.

Kai Kai was munching the bamboo when we approached his habitat.

Giant Panda is one of the world’s most adored and protected rare animals. With only 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild, it has become the world’s most recognised symbol for wildlife protection and conservation.

Do you know why the giant pandas are endangered?

It is due to the habitat loss and the lack of food source, people are cutting down forests which resulted in the limited source of bamboo. Moreover, the female pandas ovulate once in a year and the fertile period only last two to three days.

Kai Kai was separated from Jia Jia. They were being separated by a door.
Is it because the female panda ovulates once in a year so they only get to meet each other during that period? Anyone knows?

While watching Kai Kai, the zookeeper told us to grab our time to see Jia Jia in case she returned to her cave.

Say hello to the shy female panda, Jia Jia.

The giant panda exhibit is stimulated to their natural climate, this bio-dome is kept at a cool temperature of 18-22 degree Celsius.

Thanks CF for the photo.

Before we walked down the long walkway back to the exit, we took a rest at the Mama Panda Kitchen.

The two statute of the giant pandas bidding goodbye to the visitors.

Visited the panda themed eatery, isn't the panda seat cool?

GF tried the popular panda bun.
It is actually red bean paste filling in it.

Can you guess the name of these fishes?

They are actually the red-bellied Piranha. The flooded forest is also where the world’s most feared fish species live. Piranha is known for its sharp, razor-like teeth that shreds its prey to pieces in seconds when it feeds in a large school. Its jaws are so tough that it can even bite through steel fishing hooks!. As both predator and scavenger, the piranha does its part for the environment by getting rid of carcasses within the rivers.

It reminded me of the Piranha 3D and 3DD movie, the scary man-eating fish will eat human up if you enter their habitat.

Caught the photo of the velvet sky just before sunset.
With this, I shall end my post on the joyful trip to River Safari with my lovely companions. I enjoyed the trip very much.

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