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Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 Media Preview Night

Be prepared to have your worst nightmares come to life this October. 
Fear-enthusiasts, are you ready for Sentosa Spooktacular 2013?

Yes, I'm ready to embark on the five horror trails again. This marked my second year to Spooktacular. I must say I had an immersive horror and fun experience at Halloween last year. Read my post here Sentosa Spooktacular 2012

Looking forward to Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 as we are being transported into the world of Thai Horror movies.

Paving the way for a new experience in the Asian Horror genre, Sentosa has collaborated with renowned movie production studio GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd. (GTH) where Sentosa Spooktacular takes visitors through the FIVE elaborately themed, haunted trails inspired by GTH’s most horrifying movies – Coming Soon, Shutter, Dorm, Pee Mak and Body. 

Instead of watching the horror movies on screen, we will now be able to experience the trigger of all five senses of sight, smell, sound, touch and the dry taste of fear experienced by our human body.

I had brought my friend, Jessie, along with me to experience her first Halloween trail. We were ready for a night of blood-curdling screams.

Our Halloween journey began when we on board the Ghost Rider tram that will transport us to Fort Siloso.
Spooktacular is held at Fort Siloso for the second year, a venue best known for its paranormal sightings. Definitely a chilling place to held Halloween.

Following the ghostly sign, this way pleaseeeeee.

So glad that I met Jasmine, now we had more people to embark the trail together.

It's been quite awhile since I last meet up with Jasmine, today is a catch-up day for us.

Welcoming the Spokespersons and VIPs to Spooktacular. Wow, the artistes from Thailand were here to grace the event too. The gang of four from Pee Mak were here!!!

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

Together with the lead actor from ‘Coming Soon’, Chantavit Dhanasevi and the famous gang of four from ‘Pee Mak’, Pongsathorn Jongwilas, Nattapong Chartpong, Auttarut Kongrasriand Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasook will open the Media Preview Night.

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

A welcome address by Spokespersons of Sentosa, GTH - Mr David Goh, Senior Divisional Director of Sentosa Leisure Management (left) and Mr Yongyoot Thongkongtoon, Senior Director of International Business for GTH (right).

Mr David Goh shared with us that they had raised the bar for a more immersive experience for Halloween fans who wanted more each year they return. Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 is the first Halloween event to convert Asian horror films into reality walkthroughs for guests that have the desire to give themselves a genuine scare and have a good time going through it.

Mr Yongyoot Thongkongtoon on the other hand shared with us on their first encounter with Sentosa. The email on Halloween collaboration from the Sentosa team actually went into GTH's junk mail. While the associate was clearing the email from junk, he noticed this email from Sentosa. They decided to check on this because they knew that Sentosa is a very famous tourist attraction in Singapore. They then went on to further discuss about the details and agreed that it is a good platform to work with a veteran in Halloween events such as Sentosa. That's how the collaboration came about. 

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

Speech by Guest-of-Honour of Sentosa Spooktacular Media Preview 2013, His Excellency, Mr. Marut Jitpatima, Ambassador of Thailand to Singapore. 

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

The spokespersons and VIPs launched of the official opening of Sentosa Spooktacular 2013. Th ten months hardwork from the team had come to life.

It's time to venture into trails.

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

Look! Someone was hanging up on the lamp post. Beware of the things above you when you walked.

Eh, it actually look scary upon closer look.

The once-familiar passageways and underground areas of Fort Siloso was wrapped into scenes from Thailand's most horrifying movies.

Took a photo with the roaming ghosts that were wandering along Fort Siloso.

Th ghost bride was looking at me. 
No, I'm not the one who murder you.

Here we go.

Upping the game with interactive components, we no longer just simply walk through a haunted trail, but steady ourselves through the dark twisted tales of five Thai ghost as we embarked on missions to lift the spell that plagues them all.

Haunted trail 1: DORM

Arriving at Saichon Witthaya School where Wichien, a boarding school loner, fell down a well and met his doom. Desolated, he resolved to make his absence felt. Now, with kids going missing one by one, and drowning incidents commonplace at the school, it’s time to face the fear head-on. 

I felt scared and helpless in this trail because we had to navigate the dim, maze-like corridors with only a modest torchlight. We went in as a group of eight and the torchlight was only carried by the first person. So the rest of us had to hold on to the person in front of us in order not to get lost behind.

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

Embrace myself and walked through the tunnel maze really quickly before the ghosts came for me. I had let out a scream several times because the room was so dark and every little things that moved scared me to hell.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a mission to complete at every trail. So for DORM, we will need to recite a chant that help Wichien to reincarnate.

Shall not  reveal too much photos of the trails and spoil your fun. You need to personally experience it to enjoy this horrific fun.

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

The legendary Pee Mak Dance by the gang of four from Pee Mak.

The faceless man in filial clothes scaring the crowds while we were waiting for the trails.

Haunted trail 2: BODY

Chon, a medical student who has performed countless autopsies, was increasingly perturbed by nightmares filled with horrific flashes of one of the corpses he recently studied; it belonged to Dararai, who had been gruesomely butchered. 

This was the most gruesome trail with many butchered scenes. Walked through the trail quickly in case I was being stopped by them and get the deadly stares from them.

Be aware of the surrounding, they might crawl out of nowhere.

My goodness, the manic doctor just squeezed the heart out from the body and the best part was that the body was still moving. How is that possible?

The vengeful soul has placed a deadly curse on the whole faculty — including me. To lift the curse, our mission is to locate and retrieve Dararai’s grisly body parts (gloves not provided) and piecing them together.

Haunted trail 3: SHUTTER

When photographer Tun noticed mysterious white shadows in his shots, he knew something was amiss. It became clear that the apparitions were Netre, his ex-girlfriend who was raped by his best friends; they had pressurised him to capture the misdeed in order to blackmail her, driving her to commit suicide. She returns to exact her revenge, and it doesn’t look pretty. 

There was one part where we got stuck and could not move through. We were too scared to step forward, there was this 3D effect photo shooting that made the female ghost came closer and closer to us. I couldn't help but scream and close my eyes so that they can't haunt me. 

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

Haunted trail 4: PEE MAK

After the war, Mak invited his best friends – Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey – to visit his hometown, and introduced them to his beautiful wife, Nak, and his newborn baby. However, they soon heard a village rumour that Nak had died during childbirth. It is now up to the foursome to uncover the ugly truth and save Mak from his ghostly wife. 

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

The mission is to go to the unholy Temple of Dawn and perform a divine dance ritual, the Pee Mak dance, to lay Nak's soul to rest.

This trail was a pretty short one. If you want to start off the trail with something that is least scary, Pee Mak will be the one that you can begin with.

Haunted trail 5: COMING SOON

We started the trail by watching a short video on Chaba last scene of a production.

Ever watched an actress giving the performance of her life? Well, keep your eyes peeled for starlet Chaba, who gave her all to her career — literally. In the last scene of a production, she suffocated to death due to a technical glitch, while the crew stood transfixed by what they misinterpreted as a breathtaking execution. She’s back for her final act, and no one’s off the hook from her lethal hex. 

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

This was one of the scariest trail for me, Chaba just couldn't let us have peace. This was really mind blowing, especially when Chaba was following us behind that when I turned behind, her face was directly in front of me. I let out a loud scream when seeing her rotten face.

Credits to Sentosa Spooktacular.

Oh yes, the six of us (Jessie, myself, Jasmine, Tini, Peishi and Rachell) had survived through the haunted trails together. So glad to have each other companion throughout the five trails.

I must say this is the most fearful Halloween that I had ever been to, I had never scream so much before in my entire life. The haunted trails are really spine chilling. Despite being the most scary one, it is also the best  Halloween that I have attended. The satisfaction I get after surviving through the series of horror movies were priceless.

What is Halloween without a good scare?

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 is not be for the faint-hearted. 
Come challenge yourself for a night of blood-curdling screams, true authenticity and a cloud of spookiness at Sentosa Spooktacular 2013, Asia’s Scariest Fun!

Tickets are available on or from Sentosa Ticketing Counters.
Tickets for 19 and 26 October are all sold out.

Date: 19th (sold out), 25th, 26th (sold out), 31st Oct, 1st & 2nd Nov 2013
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Ticket price: $66.60

For more information, please visit

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