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Tantalizing Thai Favourite at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant @ Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

Sawadee Kap.

Are you a Thai food lover?

If yes, this is a post that you cannot miss because this post will feature an array of popular Thai dishes from Feast@East Buffet Restaurant.

Feast@East Buffet Restaurant is located at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore, Level 3. The hotel is nestled in the heart of historical Katong, a heritage area on the East Coast .

Feast@East Buffet Restaurant welcomes us to the land of smiles.
From 18th October to 3rd November 2013, Thai cuisine favourites will be available on the buffet line. It's time to savour the delish fare where spicy, sweet and sour tastes combine into an exciting burst of flavour.

Thanks to Feast@East Buffet Restaurant, we had a private dining area. 

Settled myself down while waiting for the food to be served.

All diners, including children, will be treated to a can of coconut drink. At dinner, adult diners have a choice of a complimentary can of Coconut Drink, a glass of draught beer or a glass of wine.

I had a glass of white wine to go along with my dinner.

GF and I were so happy to be back at Grand Mercure Roxy again.

We started off our meal with Yam Som Oh (Pomelo Salad).

Pomelo Salad is a traditional Thai salad that will definitely spice up your appetite. It has the perfect combination of spicy, sweet and sour taste.

Pomelo salad was really spicy for me. I have this burning sensation down my throat. 

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad).

A very nutrient dish with papaya and different vegetables in it. After a spicy dish, it is good to go with the mild taste Green Papaya Salad to ease the burning sensation that still linger at your throat.

Thai Prawn Cake.

This was one of my favourite dishes that night. The prawn cake was fried till golden brown and it tasted perfectly good with the crispy outer. I ate one coated with the chilli sauce and one without, both tasted equally good. The chilli sauce gave a sweet and spicy flavouring to the prawn cake which I like it very much.

Tom Yam Goong.

The soup was definitely hot and spicy, a refreshing soup after our appetizer. The portion of the soup was generous with mushroom and fresh prawns filled in it.

Pineapple Fried Rice.

This was the best pineapple fried rice that I had tried so far. I love the pork floss that was toppled on the rice. Every mouth was flavourful and delicious with chunky of pineapples in it. The pineapples had enhance the aroma of the fried rice, giving it a sweet finish.

Phad Thai.

The stir fried noodle that was commonly served in Thailand. The noodles was well-fried with the chewy texture that was succulent. 

Goong Ka Pao (Stir-fried Prawn with Thai Basil).

The gravy that was added to the fried prawn helps to enhance the fragrance of the prawn that suit my liking. Wow, I had eat lots of prawns that night.

Red Curry Beef.

Initially I was thinking that red curry must be very spicy because it was fiery red. To my surprise, it was not that spicy at all.

Deep-fried Seabass in Thai Chilli.

The deep-fried seabass was yummy, the fish meat was soft and sweet fleshed with the gravy sauce spicing up the flavour. There were lots of tiny bones in it, remember to remove them away before eating.

As bona fide foodies would agree, all meal must end with something sweet. Our dinner ended off with savouring the Thai dessert.

From left to right: Mock Jackfruit, Thai Glutinous Rice with Mango, Tako, Tapioca Caramel with Coconut Milk and Thai Deep-fried Banana Flitter.

My favourite of all was Tako. It is actually Thai coconut pudding. The texture was very smooth and literally melt in my mouth. 

Not missing out the all time favourite Durian Paste at Grand Mercure Roxy.

Thanks HP for the group photo. 
We had an enjoyable Thai dinner at the restaurant. 

Come to Feast@East Buffet Restaurant and satisfy your cravings for the well-known must-have Thai cuisine, especially for the most discerning Thai food lover.

The promotion begins on 18th October to 3rd November 2013.

Monday to Sunday 
Adult : $43.00++ 
Child: $22.00++ 
Senior Citizen: $35.00 Nett

Monday to Thursday
Adult : $46.00++ 
Child: $23.00++ 
Senior Citizen: $36.00 Nett

Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday
Adult : $48.00++ 
Child: $24.00++ 
Senior Citizen: $38.00 Nett

For more information, please visit

Feast@East Buffet Restaurant
Level 3, 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square
For reservation, please call 6340 5665

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