Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Triple O's @ Orchard Tower

Do you heard before that Singapore is a food paradise?

Being a multi-racial society, Singapore's growing Food & Beverage sector has in recent years seen a proliferation of mini cages and restaurants serving a variety of cuisines sprouting up around the town ranging from mouthwatering traditional Asian delicacies to heart Western cuisines.

So today, we make a visit to one of the renowned Canadian burger restaurant, Triple O's located at Orchard Towers.

Let me share with you a little background information about Triple O's.

Since 1928, Triple O's had offered their mouth-watering delicious burger with generous tasty toppings and savory sauce. Besides the famous Bacon and Cheese burger, Triple O's also served a variety of satisfying dishes and drinks like the freshly cut fries, sweet potato fries, hand tossed caesar salad and the thick classic milkshakes.

Triple O's had just opened its third outlet in Singapore at Orchard Towers which catered  to the late night shoppers and movie goers yearning for quality late night supper food. Tucked in the bustling Orchard Road, working executives and families can look forward to a burger-o-licious supper feast in a fuss-free yet laid back settling that induces long stay.

I am ready to sink my teeth into the famous Canadian burger. 

First up, for our side dishes:
Chicken Strips, Onion Rings and Sweet Potato Fries.

I like the chicken strips the best, it is crispy on the outer while the inner is tender juicy. The strips of chicken are breaded and cooked until they are crispy on the outside.
The onion ring is good too, I like the crunchiness of the fried onion ring, super crispy.

If you ever try their sweet potato fries, you got to dip it with their specialty sauce. It added flavour to the cajun seasoned sweet potato fries. 

I had the signature chocolate milkshakes. Triple O's milkshakes are are hand scooped and come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavours. It was so nice that I gulped down half the cup in my first mouth. With the chocolate sauce blended, the milkshake was awesome.

Here comes the main highlight:

Triple O's Original Burger.
Four juicy ounces of 100% fresh Canadian beef patty topped with our famous Triple "O" sauce. It is made from the freshest ingredients and the burger is only prepared only when there is an order.

I had the Deep-sea Ling Cod Fish Burger.
The cod fish is well seasoned and deep fried. It is tender and juicy good with crispy crunch, the texture is just right. One thing about Triple O's burgers is that the portion is really huge, we had it cut into two for sharing.

We ordered another side dish for sharing: Poutine (Gravy and Cheese).

Initially we were all very puzzled so what is poutine, it turned out to be Canadian fries. The fries were chipped from select Kennebec potatoes, top them with melting cheese curds, drizzle them with gravy and serve it all up Quebec-style.

I like how the fries were served in gravy, the taste was so unique and one-of-its-kind. I like it so much that I couldn't resist myself from having more.

Last but not least, I had strawberry ice-cream to end off my meal. My dinner will not be complete with dessert. Savour in the ice-cream sundaes (:

Triple O's is really a good place to hang out with a group of friends and have a hearty meal. We enjoyed the food and each other companion. If you happen to be at Orchard in late night and looking for quality supper meal, remember to come Triple O's. Triple O's operates till 6am in the morning from Thursday to Saturday. 

Triple O's
400 Orchard Road,
Orchard Towers #01-29C
Singapore 238875

Located next to 7-11 stores at the main road.

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