Monday, October 21, 2013

Pamper your body with Shea

Body care is important to keep our body skin moisturise and supple.

So today let me share with you on what I have learnt during my trip down to Shea @ Orchard Central.

Shea is a company of The Old Factory Pte Ltd that focus in the retail of fine vegetarian handmade body care products from France, India, England, Australia and Wales that are generally paraben, pthalate and SLS and EDTA free. The products are suitable for normal to very sensitive skins as they carried some of the purest and most moisturising additive free soaps.

Shea offers a wide range of products that includes:
• Shower gels / butters 
• Body lotions /butters 
• Face wash/scrub/mask 
• Foot bath/scrub/moisturiser 
• Hand lotions 
• Wave, cake, bar, paint and log soap 
• Room fragrances and essential oils 
• Perfumed candles 
• Massage Oils

One of the brands that Shea's is carrying - Bomb Cosmetics.

With 14 years of experience in the market, Bomb Cosmetics manufacture top quality products at very affordable prices. All their products are vegetarian, handmade, and are as natural as possible. They use the best essential oils & shea butter.

Bomb Cosmetics of England manufacture an amazing unique range of products that truly enhance your bath time. After a hard day work, we want to refresh ourselves and lock ourselves away for a little pamper time. With more than 100 products in the range, there is definitely something here for you. Products that make you feel special every time you use them.

Shea butter lip balm contains extra shea butter to help moisturise our lips. It has so many flavour to choose from.\

You can choose a carrier oil and a essential oil to blend for bath or burner.

Cute and delicious design of Bath Blasters.
Bath Blasters are one of the convenient way to enjoy aromatherapy and pure essential oils in everyday life. You can drop a cube of bath blaster into your bathtub and soak yourself in the fragrant and calming bath.

Wow, look at the ice-cream tub. It is making me hungry.
This is actually not ice-cream, it is Dr Foot Refreshing Foot Scrub and Tippy Toe Revitalising Foot. They help to enliven and condition tired feet.

Even the face wash is in the form of ice-cream tub too. It is a light, cleansing face wash that gently kiss your face clean. With pure neroli and frankincense essential oils to help restore tired skin.

Body butters and body lotions attracted me. The body butters have close to 30% pure shea butter in them, making it rich and moisturising.

Do you know that shea butter has lots of benefits for our skin?

• Restores elasticity to the skin
• Minimise stretch marks
• Moisturising

This is really cool, I never know that shampoo can be in the form of bar too. The shampoo bar is a combination of pure shampoo and conditioner that can be rub on our hair.

All the little things never failed to fascinate me.

The handmade soap are mild, have a neutral ph and gently cleanse. They contain pure essential oils that is skillfully blended to help alter or enhance our mood and benefit our skin.

Introducing you to home fragrance - Little Hotties.

You can pick and mix your own unique home fragrance. Each box will give you up to 132 hours of fragrance. Just pop them in the top of max melter/burner, put a tea light below and fill your house with a fragrance that you have blended yourself.

Colourful and delicious looking soap cakes on display where customers can be treated to a fragrant feast for the senses. It is hand poured from a vegetable based glycerine soap, ensuring that the moisture is locked in.

Looking at all the yummy display, I find myself getting hungrier and hungrier as I had not take my dinner yet.

The cold press handmade soaps contain fine plant oils and extracts, botanicals, organic ingredients, aromatherapy blends and essential oils sourced from all over the world, then made into rich, mild and long lasting bars decorated with dried flowers and botanicals.

Their pure soaps do not contain SLS, parabens, EDTA etc and are wonderfully rich and moisturizing and fantastic for all skin types.

Here comes the tinned candles. Fragranced container candle with essential oils that can burn up to 50 hours!

At the section for Specialty Soap Shoppe Queensland (SSSQ).

SSSQ has been around for about 10 years and manufacture very pure cold process soaps that take more than a week to make. Their goats milk and honey soaps are absolutely superb. The high glycerin content and milk fats gives natural moisturising effects that gives relief to those with very dry skin and those who have problems like eczema and psoriasis, acne etc.

Argan Oil from Morocco.

Bomb Cosmetics products smell and feel wonderful on the skin with scents that last for hours and, they also look beautiful, make for wonderful gifts that are always appreciated. 

Now that Christmas is approaching, if you are brainstorming for what to give for Christmas, do come down to Shea and be spoilt for choices.

Thanks Tracy for the group photo taken with the lady boss of Shea.
We bagged home happily with some of our favourite Shea products, will be revealing my product review soon. Please stay tuned to it.

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