Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gear up for Siloso Beach Party - D.I.Y your colour t-shirt

With only 3 more weeks to the end of 2013, let's see how we can prep ourselves for Asia's largest beach countdown party.
As you know, this year's theme is about COLOURS. Therefore, today I will be showing you one of my D.I.Y creation on the journey of colourful explosions.

Fabric dye‏ your own t-shirt.

Say goodbye to your boring t-shirts and step out with your very own unique and colourful tie dye t-shirt.

First of all, we need a plain white t-shirt. After which, wash the fabric thoroughly and leave it damp.

Prepare 3 sachets of powdered dye and 3 clear plastic bottle.

After which, fill each bottle with the different colour dyes. Add 30g/loz salt and 500ml of warm water.

Shake well so that the powdered dyes are fully dissolved.
Here is the end product. I have yellow, red and green colour. The red dye bottle reminded me of The Vampire Diaries where they drank the blood.

I tied the damp shirt with rubber band into the shape I want. After I was ready, I started pouring the different coloured dyes to the marked rubber band sections of the t-shirt. Flip the shirt over to the other side and repeat the colouring steps.

Placed the shirt in a zip lock bag once done and leave it overnight.
Aww, I think the colour mixing looked weird and unbalance. Hope it will turn out fine.

After one day.....

Tadahh, here is my end product. This is the front view.

And the back view.

I am actually quite satisfied with the result, I love the gradient colour so much. Initially when I left it overnight, I kept looking at the zip lock bag and running lots of imagination in my mind like whether the design will turn out weird, will there be one big pact of orange colour over at one area and etc.

I will definitely wear it out, I love my D.I.Y creation. Perfect to wear this to the countdown party coming right up this 31st December! Start to create yours if you like it (:

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