Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Manhattan FISH MARKET's New Menu Food-tasting Session

Eating is definitely one of the most pleasurable things to do in the world.

Everyday after work, I will always hope for a good dinner to end off my day to reward myself for a day of hard work.

As you guys might know, western food are my favourite. I love crispy fries and delightful fish fillet. That's why I love patronising The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

And now there is one more reason to visit The Manhattan FISH MARKET.
Because The Manhattan FISH MARKET unveils a new menu with a new look to satiate diners’ hunger for exciting seafood dishes.

Get Hooked With A New Catch!

I'm ready to dive into the excitement of seafood dining with the newest Offerings on the Menu at The Manhattan FISH MARKET @ Marina Square.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET is famed for using five cooking methods to bring out the tantalizing flavour of fresh seafood - flamed, grilled, poached, baked and fried. In the new menu, The Manhattan FISH MARKET celebrates the five cooking methods with the introduction of six new scrumptious main courses. Each dish features one of the five fin-tastic ways of cooking which whets the appetite of all seafood lovers out there. 

Diners can also look forward to enjoying new starters, sides and savor healthier options on the menu. Fans of irresistible desserts and beverages can look forward to new offerings, too!

My dinner began with the glamorous Sunset By The Bay (SGD $6.00), a rejuvenating concoction of Earl Grey Tea with peach fruit bites to refresh the senses like a beautiful crimson sun.

The peach flavour is refreshing. The taste is just right, it does not overpower the scent of Earl Grey Tea.

Tuck into the new Tex Mex Mussels (SGD $5.95), a modern interpretation of the classic recipe from old Mexico and Texas. The dish is made up of deliciously sautéed mussels with garlic and capsicum with a touch of spice that will spur your taste buds, making it the perfect appetizer to start your meals.

I always love the mussels served at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, they were so fresh and flavourful with succulent and soft texture.

Do you always have the problem on deciding what side dishes to choose when having meal?

Knowing the problems that the consumer faced, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has come up with Quad Delight (SGD S13.95), the 4 fin-tastic starters that includes fried country mushroom, fried calamari, cranberry coleslaw and chilled seafood mix.

This was my favourite of all. The fried country mushroom and fried calamari were served piping hot and they were fried till perfection. Every bite was delicious and it made me want to have more. Trust me, you will get hooked too. Dip it with the sauce for more flavoursome taste.

Bloggers at work.

For a heartier serving, you can order Citrus Mesclun Salad with Cajun Chicken (SGD $9.95) where diners can enjoy grilled juicy Cajun chicken breast on a bed of mesclun salad for a light but hearty meal.

The chicken breast was juicy and succulent. The salad was delightful with bits of cranberry and sunflower seeds in it. The cranberry bits helped to enhance the sweetness of the salad.

For all lovers of salmon, the Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger (SGD $13.95) is ready to blow you away. The salmon fillet is sandwiched between luscious donut buns made out of the brand’s very own recipe, giving it a burst of flavour while retaining the moisture and texture of salmon. It is topped with a sunny side-up and drizzled generously with the brand’s very own pepper-mayo dressing to elevate one’s taste buds.

The salmon was soft and well grilled.  I enjoyed it very much.

The Citrus Baked Seafood (SGD $15.95) is a dish you should miss if you are a lover of baked seafood. It is an ensemble of delicate dory fish, juicy baby octopus and scallops, baked with a tangy-licious Citrus-Herb dressing and fresh herbs. It is served atop the restaurant’s signature Garlic Herb rice and vegetables.

The dory fish was super tender and soft. It goes well with the gravy, enhancing the rich citrus flavour.

That's not all! We indulged ourselves in the new Calamari Mussels Chicken (SGD $17.95),or CMC in short, and feast on scrumptious chicken tenders, grilled calamari and sambal mussels, served with a generous portion of Garlic Herb rice, chunky chips and vegetables.

The chunky chips were really addictive, helped myself with more and more.

Hearty Grilled Salmon With Black Pepper Sauce (SGD $16.95) that consists of a thick chunk of salmon steak perfectly seared to golden brown, slightly crisp on the surface but deliciously tender on the inside, drenched in an all-time favourite black pepper sauce and served with mashed potato and vegetables. This dish will especially appeal to those who are health conscious as salmon has a high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

The salmon was well marinated and grilled. Topped with the black pepper sauce, it brings out the flavour of the salmon that was irresistible.

Time for desserts after a hearty meal. We enjoyed the sweet velvety sensation of the Manhattan Velvet Cake (SGD $5.90) that will melt in your mouth with every bite conveying a lingering ‘velvety’ sweetness.

The velvet cake was accompanied with vanilla ice-cream. It was heavenly good.

Savor a sweet delight to end my meal with the Sizzling Pineapple Cake With Vanilla Sauce (SGD $8.90).

This was my first time trying pineapple dessert and it turned out to taste marvelous. The spongy cake was coated with the hot vanilla sauce that bring out the sweetness, it totally covered the sourness of the pineapple. In between the cake was a layer of cream cheese. We all agreed that this was the best dessert at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, every mouth was cheesy good delectable. 

With that, it concluded the end of my wonderful dinner. Thanks The Manhattan FISH MARKET for the invitation and the great service rendered. I can't wait to visit again for more.

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/MFMSingapore 

The Manhattan FISH MARKET @ Marina Square
 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square 
#02-182 Singapore 039594
Operating hour: 11am - 10pm

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