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Channel U's Private Screening of Served Hot《烧。卖》and A Taste of History《寻味地图》

Hey everyone.

 Right in the beginning of 2014, Channel U will released two new food-related programmes - Served Hot 《烧。卖》& A Taste of History 《寻味地图》.

Being a food lover, these two programmes are something that I should not missed.

Thanks Channel U for the invitation, I had the opportunity to attend the private screening of A Taste of History and Served H.O.T which was held at Swatow Seafood Restaurant.

Keep reading to find out more about it.

I was assigned to table 1.

With Tracy who was in the same table as me.

Meet Bryan Wang, the host of the event. Bryan is really funny and good at cracking jokes. The first thing he said when on stage was: "Welcome to Channel U's Private Screening of 《烧。卖》, English name Siew Mai."
Upon hearing, the room had burst into laughter. Lol.

Besides being the host of the event, Bryan is also the host for the new infotainment show, A Taste of History 《寻味地图》.

Without any further ado, let's invite the casts of Served H.O.T up on stage to share with us some exciting insights of the drama.
The cast from left to right: Shane Pow 《包勋评》, Ian Fang 《方伟杰》, Ya Hui 《雅慧》, Aloysius Pang 《冯伟衷》, Zhu Houren 《朱厚任》, Chew Chor Meng 《周初明》, 《Lee Teng 李腾》 and the host: Bryan Wong 《王禄江》.

Bryan started questioning them one by one about their views and experience when filming the drama.

Bryan posted one question to Ya Hui: Between Shane, Ian and Aloysius, which one is her idea guy?

Make a guess?

Well, her ideal guy is actually Lee Min Ho. Haha, even Chew Chor Meng knows who is Min Ho. He said: "Oh, is it the one who act in The Heirs?"

Served H.O.T was Lee Teng first major acting role. He shared his thoughts on the difference between acting and hosting.

Right after the interview session, Bryan's fans surprised him with a birthday cake. Bryan's birthday is actually on 30th January, happy advance birthday to Bryan.

While waiting for the food to be served and to watch the first episode of A Taste of History《寻味地图》, Bryan shared with us about his views on the show and the historical significance behind every dish.

A Taste of History《寻味地图》

Taste the rich flavours of traditional delicacies. Feel the deep sentiments attached to their heritage. From the past to the present, we shall let our taste buds discover and relive these fond memories. 

A Taste of History ingenuously combines food with history through selected local delicacies featured in every episode, presenting their local ethnic origin and long standing heritage.

In the first episode was on the history of Former Katong where Bryan introduced Peranakan Pastries, Taw Kwa Pau and Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. Other episodes will include Former Joo Chiat, Former Boat Quay, Former Chinatown and etc.

Tracing the source of popular local delicacies, one will realise that they contain the touch of our ancestors, including early immigrants of Singapore, and the integration of modern lifestyle and wisdom.

Wow, one day I gotta head down to the stall to try all the dishes for myself.

A Taste of History 《寻味地图》will debut on 7 Jan 2014, every Tuesday at 8.30pm on Channel U.

Here comes our 7 course dinner:

Siew Mai with Fish Roe
Braised Crabmeat Fish Maw Soup 
Steam Sea Bass in Teochew Nonya Style 
Swatow Kampong Chicken
Wok Fried Vegetable Deluxe
Singapore Laska 
Sweet Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Gingko Nuts

I guess you already know which dish is my favourite right?

Yes, you are right. Siew Mai is my favourite, I have a soft spot for dim sum.

Served Hot《烧。卖》

‘Nanyang Delicacies’ is an established food stall on the lookout for someone special who can taste the distinctive flavour behind its signature Laksa dish. The one who has the correct answer will be rewarded with the Laksa secret recipe, worth a million dollars. Many have attempted but failed, until the day three boys in their twenties walk into the shop. Upon tasting the Laksa, they request to see the chef. From that moment on, their lives will never be the same again. Through the story of three ex-convicts and their entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of love, the drama uncovers the heritage, secret ingredients and touching stories behind Singapore’s favourite local delicacies. Combining the modern with the traditional, new flavours and recipes are created.

Credits to Channel U for the photo.

The three guys are buddies. They fought together, went to jail together, were released from prison together, opened a shop together, and pursued their happiness together… They called themselves H.O.T.

Ever dream of being a chef?
See how these youngsters relight that fire in their hearts and cook a good dish out.
Served Hot is a pretty entertaining and meaningful show that is worth watching. 

Served H.O.T. 《烧。卖》premieres on 10 Jan 2014, Monday - Friday at 10pm on Channel U.

After the dinner, we had a mini game played with the artistes. It's popiah making competition. The artistes were being assigned to three tables each to wrap a popiah. The group with the nicest popiah wrap will win the game.

Ya Hui was being assigned to our table.

See the nice popiah that Ya Hui has wrapped. And yes, our group won the nicest popiah title.

Credits to Channel U.

Shall end off the post with the photo of the lovely girls at my table together with the artistes. Thank you Channel U for the invitation once again.

Remember to catch A Taste of History on 7 Jan 2014, every Tuesday at 8.30pm and Served H.O.T. on 10 Jan 2014, Monday - Friday at 10pm on Channel U.

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