Sunday, January 19, 2014

GF's Advance Birthday Celebration at The Tiramisu Hero Cafe

Time for gathering again.

As GF's birthday is approaching, we decided to meet up and have a simple birthday celebration. After much consideration, we had chosen on The Tiramisu Hero Cafe which is located at Tyrwhitt Road. It took us quite awhile to locate the cafe, I took we took a longer route as we even passed by Singapore Casket.

Finally settled down in the cafe, The Tiramisu Hero is actually co-owned by the renowned blogger Peggy Chang (sixpegs).

The interior design of the cafe had caught my attention, how on earth did they managed to hang the ladder up on the ceiling?

I love the drawings of Sir Antonio too,so cute.

Even TZ was snapping photos of the design as well.

While waiting for our food to arrive, each of us took a photo with the trademark of The Tiramisu Hero - Sir Antonio’s head. 

Jasmine posted this photo on facebook and ask everybody to guess who is who. Both Jasmine and GF's brother replied with the correct answer. No doubt, family are the ones that know you the best.

Here's my OOTD. Haha, just realised I haven't been posting much about my ootd. I will do it more often now.

Andrew was so bad. I asked him to take a photo of us and the girls weren't ready yet. Once we were ready for the camera, he returned the camera to me and said he had snapped a shot already. And I immediately replied: "What? You took already?"

Well, so the above photo was what he had took.

We took the photo again and this time round, we were ready for the camera.

I helped the guys to take a group shot as well. 

Ham with cheese melts in a warm toasty wrap with our chef’s secret recipe sauce.

A traditional British dish of an assortment of gourmet sausages served with mashed USA potatoes.

White jasmine rice baked in fragrant chicken curry. The curry was really hot, spice lovers gonna love it.

Thanks GF for treating us to the signature tiramisu - MOMMAHERO.
Tiramisu is timeless and a classic Italian dessert that is love by everyone. I had select Oreo flavour.

One thing I am grateful for is to know these bunch of people, I treasure our friendship very much.

The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is really a nice place to chill out and have a good meal with your friends. We had so much laughter during that dinner. We should do it more often.

Took a photo with Peggy was at the cafe as well. She was at the cafe to help out.

With Cindy, Claressa, GF, me and Jasmine.
Though it is just a simple gathering, but being with the people I love is always a blast.

Last but not least, happy birthday to GF.

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