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BYCH Hot Yoga‏ Cardio Class‏

Hot yoga has been increasingly popular nowadays as it provide lots of health benefits.

• It develops healthier eating habits that keep weight off the body
• Keep us stay tone and lean 
• Maintain youth, vitality and radiance 
• A great preventative medicine for common diseases (such as high blood pressure, diabetes)
• Maintain or improve the natural range of motion with the help of the heat

What is the difference between a hot yoga and a normal yoga?
Everything is the same except for one difference. The only difference is that hot yoga is practiced in a high temperature heated studio.

Why people go for hot yoga?
Hot yoga helps to burn off more calories as you will sweat a lot, every muscle and bone joints got worked by your own strength. Practicing in a hot room helps in detox as well.


Yeah, I was given an opportunity to try out a hot yoga session. Frankly speaking, I have never try before yoga. So being a first timer, I was a little nervous.

Reaching my destination, BYCH Hot Yoga which is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

BYCH Hot Yoga’s classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. The yoga classes are designed for beginners so with a little practice and experience, you will quickly feel right at home.

Shoes off before heading to the ladies and change into our attire!!!
We have to place the shoes on the shoe rack upon entering the studio.

A group photo with GF, Jas and Yingzi. Thanks Jas for taking the photo.
Being our first time, I felt that we have overdressed because all the females in the toilet were wearing just sport bras.

We were ready to go for BYCH cardio class. Custom-made yoga mats and  bathing towels are provided, so that there isn't a need to bring our own.

At BYCH Hot Yoga, they use “MOWEL” instead of a typical rubber yoga mat. Mowel is toweled yoga mat which can absorb sweat. It has a towel surface and a waterproof plastic underside. It can be washed and dried after each use.

As we were unable to bring our cell phone into the yoga room, no photo was taken during the workout.

BYCH Hot Yoga consists of 2 types of classes: BYCH Classic and BYCH Cardio.

BYCH Classic is traditional hot yoga practiced over 90 minutes in a room heated to 40ºC; comprising a fixed sequence of standing and floor postures that is designed to safely stretch and open the body in preparation for the next posture. 

BYCH Cardio is a 55-minute class, focusing on standing postures. The combination of the heat and intensity of the standing postures creates a great cardio effect. This is an alternative work out for runners or people who love aerobic exercise. It is also perfect for those on the go.

We went in to the BYCH cardio class with a bottle of water, a positive attitude and an open mind.

Upon entering, I could already feel the 40ºC heat generating. 
The heat combined with the sequence of 26 postures is what makes BYCH Hot Yoga so special. In this heated environment, muscles are more relaxed and pliable, allowing you to work deeper in a shorter amount of time. The heat also helps prevent injury, and expedites the flow of blood to improve circulation. And, fatty acids are more mobilized in the heat, burning fat more efficiently. 

Sweating helps flush toxins from your body, giving you a wonderful, energized and refreshed feeling after each and every BYCH Hot Yoga class.

It has been awhile since I last sweat so much. I could feel every muscle and bone joints got worked by my own strength.  It also promotes the healing process while quietening the mind, making me feel really calm.

Each BYCH Hot Yoga class burns up to 1,000 calories. In long run, one will see the general slimming effect and your body will become leaner. 

A great relief and relaxation came after the class, making me feel lighter, physically and mentally. Thankfully, I don't feel dizzy or nauseous during the class. The cause for these symptoms is dehydration. Do drink plenty of fluids throughout the day will help make the class easier.

If you experience the dizziness, just sit down, and take a breather but keep you head up and eyes open the entire time.

The only discomfort I have was my sweat went into my eyes, making it sting until I could barely open my eyes.

My 55 minute class has ended. I felt so refreshing after the workout.

Physically accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels, BYCH Hot Yoga leads to increased health, fitness, mental clarity and ultimate relaxation for practitioners by building a strong physical and mental foundation.

Though it was a little tiring, I tried to follow what the instruction given by the instructor. Just keep your focus and the level of endurance will increase as well. I felt re-energised as the toxic in my body has been cleared.

It is a good form of exercising. You should try it yourself too. For more information, please visit

BYCH Hot Yoga 
252 North Bridge Road 
Raffles City #02-14 
Singapore 179103

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  1. Since 12th Nov 2015, BYCH Hot Yoga has relocated to:
    123 Penang Road, Regency House (Office Tower) #04-12/13, Singapore 238465
    Tel: 6339 6639

    Nearest MRT station: Dhoby Ghaut / Somerset
    Basement carpark and outdoor public carpark are available.



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