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Channel U Reality Programme - Find the WASABI《Wasabi 新体验》

こんばんは, おげんきですか?

Hello everyone, greeting in Japanese. The above sentence means "Good evening, how are you?"
This is one of the greeting sentence that I remembered from my basic Japanese language class. Japan is a really beautiful country which I hope to visit one day, they have beautiful scenery, yummy Japanese food, kawaii fashion style and etc.

Now I can find out more about Japanese culture, food, lifestyle and people through Channel U new reality programme - Find the WASABI《Wasabi 新体验》.

Thanks Channel U for the invitation, I attended the private screening of "Find the WASABI" which was held at Kuishin Bo, Great World City.

Continue reading to find out more.

The host of the day was Ivy Tan from Yes 93.3 FM (left).

Credits to Channel U.

The cast appearance: Seraph Sun 孙欣佩, MediaCorp Artiste.

Seraph shared with us a background of herself: She was spotted by MediaCorp after winning the Ms Popularity title in “SNAP”. She joined MediaCorp as a full time artiste in 2013. And in this February, Seraph will embark on the reality series - Find the WASABI.
Credits to Channel U.

“Find the WASABI!” is an info-variety, reality-TV Asian co-pro series in which 3 Asian celebs with extensive knowledge on Japan compete against each other to find the hidden taste of Japan – further discovering its culture, food, lifestyle and people through challenging tasks and games.

The 3 Asian celebrities are also known as theWASABI hunters. They are representative from 3 different countries. Let's see who are they:

Singapore: Seraph Sun 孙欣佩 
Thailand: Palm (lead vocalist of band “Instinct”) 
Indonesia: Sheryl Gething (19 year old female vocalist)

Interwoven throughout the programme are latest news on Japan’s fashion, beauty and culture – making it the most exciting, entertaining, and up-to-date visual travelogue to Japan.


This was so different from what I thought. I thought in every episode, they will be hunting for different food and mix it with wasabi. This was totally wrong.

We got to watch the preview of the first and second episode.

In episode 1, 3 Asian celebs have come to Japan for a competition to find the “secret spice” of Japan. The 3 WASABI Hunters will live together in the “WASABI House”, and every week, they will face the challenges of various “Japanese Cultural Mission”. 

Only 1 person will emerge as the ultimate winner and be crowned the prestige title of WASABI CHAMPION. 

The battle begins on this day of arrival...

Now who are you rooting for?

I am rooting for Seraph, I support team Singapore :)

In episode 2, the 3 WASABI Hunters receives another mission. RAMEN Report! After learning the skills of TV gourmet report from the Japanese master himself, the 3 hunters rival at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. The loser faces the first BATSU GAME of the series!

So happy, Seraph won the first round. Good job!

After the screening, we proceeded for a mini game where audience were picked and answered questions relating to Japanese culture.

And loser will face batsu game where they have to eat sushi with wasabi.

Credits to Channel U.

"Find the WASABI" will be airing in 4 different countries - Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

The 13 episodes long programme will debut on Channel U this 18 February at 8pm. 

Credits to Channel U.

A group photo to end off the screening session. Wow, that's really a big group.

A photo with Seraph. She is so pretty.

With Ivy. Ivy is good at hosting event, she never fail to entertain the audience with her jokes.

After which, we proceeded for a yummy buffet at Kuishin Bo.

I must say this is an unique and entertaining variety show. If you love Japanese culture, remember to catch "Find the WASABI" on Channel U.

Debuts 18 Feb 2014, every Tuesday 8pm!

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