Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happenings in January - Bottle Tree Park + Social Work

Tuesday 14/1/14

Waking up early and travel up all the way to the North for a day with nature.

It was my first time here at Bottle Tree Park @ Yishun. Immediately when I reached, I was captivated by the greenery surrounding. It made me feel that I am back to nature. Oh well, how often do we get to see such sight in Singapore? Rarely!

The scenery was really beautiful, I was surrounded by the lush greenery. 

Bottle Tree Park was established as a a conceptual village where people can find sports, recreational activities, conference rooms and restaurants all at the park. It's a really nice place where you can come with your loved ones to have a stroll or fishing.

Prawning zone.

View from the lake house. Isn't it idyllic and scenic? 
The location overlooking the pond provides inspiration and nourishment.

During the time there, I had helped to do weeding at the planting areas.

Hmm, what is my reflection after weeding?

Well, I think I cannot be a good farmer. Do you know that at all these planting areas, the ground was fulls of big ants, flying insects, worms and snails. I had to bent down and remove all the unwanted weeds or plant so that the new one could grow out. Eewww, seeing all the insects make me feel so uncomfortable.

Sitting by the river to wash my legs which were stained with muds and dirt.

The weather was so hot that day, the girls had to use the straw mat for shade. My eyes could hardly opened to take a closer look at the countryside.

Though it was a tiring day but it was still quite a memorable one.

Wednesday 23/1/14

Though I am not a rich person, but I think that I am a fortunate person compared to many others. I do not need to worry about my basic needs because I am able to work and earn my own pocket money.

But how about those poor elderly who are unable to work due to difficulty?

Not sure if you feel that too? For me, whenever I see those cleaners uncle and auntie, or those elderly collecting plates at hawker centres, I feel heartache for me. I kept asking myself: "Is it because they need the money to live their life or maybe because they feel bored at home?"
I can't imagine if my grandmother needs to work. 

These people had worked hard in their early life. Now that they have reached their golden age, it's time for us to give back to the community and help them lead a better lives.

Together with my colleagues, we went to help out at Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre (KASAC). KASAC is a centre that provides care and activities for the eldely who lives in the kreta ayer.

Over at there, we sang kaaoke and played bingo with them. After which, we served them with their tea break.

We also forked out our own pocket money to buy them some necessities to prepare them for Chinese New Year. As some of them had difficulty in carrying bulky items, I accompanied them up to their house with the goody bag.

Seeing all the happy faces made me feel that everything is worthwhile. Yes, I think I will try to participate more in volunteering work.

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