Thursday, February 20, 2014

Private Screening of Channel U's Drama Scrum! 冲锋!‏

Channel U is back with a new youth drama this February called SCRUM! 冲锋!

It's been quite awhile since I last watched an idol drama, therefore I am looking forward to SCRUM! 冲锋!


From the producers of Jump! comes yet another inspirational idol drama Scrum! which takes viewers into the world of rugby set in a polytechnic. 

Five years ago, Greenwood Polytechnic’s Black Rhino rugby team was the undisputed champions in the rugby arena. The situation changed when senior players graduated and the standard of the current team steadily declined.

Although the rugby players are passionate about their game, no matter how hard they try, they experience failure year after year at competitions. As a result, some players have given up and traded their dreams for greener pastures while others have lost faith and drive in life altogether. Their only hope is for an experienced coach to lead them on a path to victory. 

Huang Zhao Nan is a champion rugby coach in the B Division boys’ team. She hails from the elite class, with an ivy-league education and an in-born arrogance. When a twist of fate lands Zhao Nan in Greenwood Polytechnic as an interim rugby coach, she takes on the job grudgingly to bid time, with no intention of lifting a finger to train the players. In her view, the poly boys are amateur players, with no will or skills to compete. However, after a few eventful encounters, the Black Rhino boys’ sincerity and hunger for success start to change Zhao Nan’s attitude.

Thanks Channel U for the invitation, I got the opportunity to attend the private screening of Scrum which was held at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel.

I brought GF along with me.

The host of the night was Jeff from Y.E.S. 93.3FM. Some of you might be familiar with him, he hosted 午餐霸王 every weekdays from 12pm to 2pm.

And here come the casts of Scrum.

From left to right:  Felicia Chin, Chris Lee, Jeffery Xu, Allen Chen, Jae Liew, Carrie Wong and the rugby boys.

One by one, the cast did a short introduction about their roles in the new drama.

Scrum is Felicia's first drama comeback after she quits her studies. You can expect a totally different Felicia in this drama. She turned herself into a monster coach and drilled hard on her players.

Apart from Felicia, this is also Chris first local drama debut. Chris played the comical role of an over-aged Polytechnic student who is actually an undercover agent from Interpol on a mission to infiltrate an illegal online gambling syndicate. He explained that this role is so unlike his previous acting in Taiwan where he played the role of devoted loving man.

Previously I have watched Allen's acting in The Journey, I think that his acting is good and natural. I look forward to his drama in Scrum too.
After which, Jeffrey has sang us the theme song of Scrum. I like the song very much, it is very catchy.

Jeffrey has good stage presence. He has his charisma that captured the audience's attention. He even pulled all the casts back on stage to join him.

Time for first episode.

I got hooked after watching the first episode. It was pretty entertaining and I couldn't stop laughing. It brought back old good memories of polytechnic life.

Scrum has good storyline as well. It inspired us to step forward and pursue our dreams. In the drama, the rugby team actually lost 48 games and they still continue to take part in all the match. I admired their perseverance. Never be afraid of failure. Everytime we fail, we are actually one step closer to success.

We have an opportunity to take photo with the casts. So happy, Chris and Allen were standing behind me (:

I am going to catch this drama on Channel U when it airs. Be sure to catch it too, I am sure you will like it.

Scrum 冲锋 will debut on Channel U this 26th February, Wednesday to Fright at 8pm. 

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