Tuesday, April 8, 2014

F&N Creameries Singapore‏ Royal Treat - JWEL Ice Cream

Received a sweet royal treat from F&N Creameries Singapore which brightened up my day.

F&N is a household brand that we are all familiar with. F&N Creameries Singapore has introduced The Ice Cream Empire, JWEL, a worthy dessert that is an indulgence fit for royals.

JWEL introduces five fascinating nobles, each representing a distinctively delicious, premium ice cream treat:
- Vanilla
- Tiramisu
- Double Chocolate
- Caramel 
- Black Forest

Ice cream lovers can now enjoy the taste of royalty with JWEL. Each regal stick of JWEL ice cream offers a luxurious, immersive experience of delicious decadence and intriguing imagination.

Before I introduced you to the different flavour of the ice-cream, let me tell you a story of  JWEL:

The legend of JWEL is a tale as old as time, with plots and twists as thick and delicious as each creamy bite. The depth and complexity of each royalty mirrors the intensely sophisticated taste of the JWEL royal ice cream. Each vividly patterned ice cream wrapper bears a golden crown, the title of its creator and unique motifs that hold subtle clues to their flavours and places of origin.

Meet The Decadent Duke of Vanilla, The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu, The Delectable Duchess of Double Chocolate, The Extravagant Earl of Caramel and The Brazen Baron of the Black Forest.

Each member of the ice cream aristocracy is unique in his or her right, having their own quirky personalities and curious idiosyncrasies.

The colourful stories of the JWEL Royals are told on each ice cream wrappers. Let's see what are the stories.

The Countess of Tiramisu

She’s Italian. 
She’s irresistible. 
She’s got va va voom. 
The Curvaceous Countess expertly embraces the most distinctive coffee flavours with the very finest chocolate to create a sensually creamy experience.

Each stick is coated in thick, almond-flecked chocolate.
Nothing beats having a stick of JWEL on a hot sunny day.

The Countess of Tiramisu is rich and flavourful, it has a perfect combination of coffee and chocolate flavour.

The Duchess of Double Chocolate

They say The Delectable Duchess eats her devilishly indulgent Double Chocolate with diamond-studded dessert spoons. While her subjects eat cake, she covets hazelnuts like they are priceless jewels. In fact the only thing nuttier than the Duchess is her ice cream.

Chocolate lovers gonna love this. 
Double chocolate, double happiness. The chocolate ice-cream is coated with a layer thick, almond-flecked chocolate. Double shiokness. 

The Earl of Caramel

The Extravagant Earl spares no expense in his pursuit of perfect indulgence. They say this eccentric lordship uses pots and pans of gold and silver to create the sweetest drops of heaven ever seen in the entire empire.

The signature caramel aroma will cloak in a melt-in-your-mouth with almond-crusted chocolate shell.

The Baron of the Black Forest

The Brazen Baron plucks young cherries from the forest and presents them to the village maidens. With his deep passion for the darkest chocolate in the realm, the Baron will tempt you with the very best of the Black Forest.

The Duke of Vanilla

The Decadent Duke has flair, finesse and a certain élan. His gowns are sewn from the finest satin. His cloaks are lined with gold thread. He bathes in milk scented with the finest vanilla essence and he brushes his teeth with pearl dust.

The JWEL royals are well-loved because they know how to satiate their subjects. With the help of their mischievous, fun-loving and ever resourceful Jesters, the perfected sweet creations from the wondrous range are now available for everyone to savour. 

Look out for the JWEL Royal Booth when they make their appearances at hyper/supermarkets and selected 7-Eleven stores for the public to sample the JWEL Vanilla flavoured ice cream.

With courtesy of the JWEL royalties, ride in luxury on a free shuttle service along Orchard Road on Saturdays and Sundays for 4 weekends starting from 12 April 2014, 2pm to 6pm. The special rides are decked with golden fabric and designed to look like a grand hall, complete with Class 95 DJs and JWEL Jesters on deck to entertain the crowd.

Win a Trip to Stay in a Castle! 
A lucky consumer will win the opportunity to live in a castle. Between July and August 2014, F&N Creameries Singapore will hold a lucky draw contest affording the top winner a once-in-a-lifetime experience of staying in a real life, medieval castle. Specifics of the contests will be announced shortly. 

Where to Find JWEL Ice Cream Sticks?

The JWEL royal range is available at a suggested retail price of S$2.95 per stick in selected 7- Eleven stores. These enjoyable treats are also available in four-stick multipacks in all hyper/supermarkets for a suggested retail price of S$9.80.

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