Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happenings in April - Segar Restaurant + SHM Cafe

Wednesday 9/4/14

Sitting in the heart of Chinatown Point is a halal Thai Chinese Cuisine restaurant called Segar Restaurant.
Segar Restaurant is a great place to enjoy good food with friends and family for all occasions. They offer a wide selection of dishes for you to choose.

We decided to try out the food at this restaurant. Looking at the menu, the dishes are what we can normally find at our zi char stall. We ordered some of our all-time favourite dishes that we enjoyed eating at zi char.

Thai-Style Fried Chicken - $10.

The fried chicken was really crispy on the outer and tender in the inner.  It was accompanied with the thai sauce to enhance the flavour of the fried chicken.

Hotplate Beancurd - $12.

The beancurd was really soft and silky. The gravy boost the flavour of the beancurd, making it taste so delicious.

Oats Prawns - $14.

This was my favourite of all. 
Usually when I had this dish outside, we always had to peel the shells away. It was really troublesome. For the Oats Prawns served here, the shells were already nicely peeled away. We can straight away consume it. The dish was tanalising, every mouth was crispy crunch and the fragrance of the oats blew us away.

Seabass - $24.

The meat was ready fresh and yummy.

Sambal Kang Kong - $8.

I am not really a veggie person, but kang kong is one of the veggie that I enjoyed eating. The spice has covered the bitterness of the veggie, making it taste yummy.

Ended my meal with a glass of bandung (Rosewater Syrup).
We ordered the drinks at the beginning but it only came near the end of our meal. The service was a little slow as the restaurant was packed with people during the peak hour.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my meal. Every dish was so delicious and yummy.

Thursday 10/4/14

Headed to The Central for a sweet treat at SHM Cafe. The cute packaging of the cake has caught our attention - Cake in a jar.

I have Blueberry Cheesecake - $6.50.

The cheesecake was actually a mixture of yoghurt. The crunchy biscuit crust at the bottom was what I like about the cheesecake. So yummy and addictive. No wonder the heavenly delicious blueberry cheesecake becomes one of the ladies' favourite!

All right, that's all for today. Will share with you more yummy food in the near future. Goodbye.

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