Thursday, May 1, 2014

Andrew's Birthday Lunch at Stateland Cafe

Despite being a public holiday, I woke up early on Labour Day to get myself prepared and meet my clique for a brunch gathering to celebrate Andrew's birthday. Time is so precious to us, we should not waste our time cuddling in bed.

Andrew had picked the venue at Stateland Cafe. Stateland Cafe is a vintage-industrial themed cafe, located along Bali Lane. It was fully packed with people when we reached, glad that we managed to secure a table.

The cafe has numerous food selection ranging from American style to French, Italian that will suit the different taste buds of individuals. Most importantly, it serves all-day breakfast. Just looking at the menu made me drool.

I had a glass of refreshing lime juice to ease my thirst.

Eggs Benedict.
The Eggs Benedict seems really good, I'm going to try this when I patronize again the next time.

I ordered Eggs Style.
The scrambled egg was delicious. The texture was soft and slightly running. Just perfect for me.

Statelander's Big Breakfast.
This is similar to Eggs Style, but with the add on of sausages and bacons.

Aglio Olie Spaghetti with sausages add on.

Finally our food were here and we could start eating. Happy us posting with our dish:


Birthday boy, Andrew.

That's me.



Let's eat - Itadakimasu.

Stateland Cafe is a simple and comfortable place to chill and spend quality time with friends. The food quality is pretty decent and the price is affordable.

We also tried the signature Red Velvet Waffle with cream cheese and vanilla ice cream. This was one of the best waffles I ever had,  The waffle was crispy on the outer and fluffy on the inner. Every mouth was full of flavour.

TZ has got Andrew a black forest birthday cake.
So amazed by how much food we got take. Even after the waffle our stomach still have room for more cakes.

Happy birthday, Andrew.
All the best in whatever you do and may your wish come true.

Took a group photo before we left the cafe.
It was really nice and enjoyable to unwind ourselves with a group of awesome companion. Together we had shared many crazy  and fun moments. I cherished the friendship we have.

Took a photo with the birthday boy. 
Hope you have a great day with us and thanks for the lunch treat.


  1. Thanks for sharing, will mark down this place for brunch when I visit Singapore!

    1. Hi Nick, yeah this is a nice place for brunch (:



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