Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beauty Review: Beautybiotics Exfoliating Jelly

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In our skincare regime, many of us will cleanse, treat, moisturise and protect my skin. Very often, exfoliating is being neglected. Exfoliation is an important component in our skincare regime as it helped to remove dead skin cells and new skin cells to come to skin surface. Without exfoliation, our skin will not be able to grow healthy.

Today, I will introduce you to an exfoliating product that I have just started using:

Beautybiotics Exfoliating Jelly.

Exfoliating Jelly is a dermatologically formulated gentle exfoliating peel that helps unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin to enhance your skin’s absorption of nutrients. It contains fruit derived AHA + BHA enzymes that gently exfoliates skin to restore clarity, brilliance and radiance.

Beautybiotics Exfoliating Jelly is suitable for all skin types.

Recommended to exfoliate once to twice weekly.
Do not exfoliate your skin everyday. Our skin will become dry and cause skin irritation and redness.

Benefits of Beautybiotics Exfoliating Jelly: 

• Gentle Enough for Sensitive Skin 
• Removes Black Heads & Dead Skin 
• Clears Sebum & Bacteria 
• Unclog Pores 
• Restores Skin Radiance & Brilliance 
• Speeds Up Skin Renewal 
• Improve Absorption Of Skincare Products

Ensure that your skin is completely dry before you dispense the jelly out.

The jelly-like texture gel.

massage deeply in a circular motion until you see impurities and dead skin exfoliated. The flakes do not feel harsh on my skin.
Wash face with water and pat dry.

The before and after photo.

After washing off the flakes left on my face, I noticed that my face has brightened up a little and soothe the redness on the skin surface. I could feel my skin become soft after using it. Now that the dead skin cells were being removed, it allows better absorption of the other skincare products being applied. Most importantly, it does not irritate my sensitive skin.

BeautyBiotics Exfoliating Jelly is retailing at $43/150ml exclusively at Watsons.

Beautybiotics products have all-in-one dermatological effects:
Sebum control
Intensive hydration

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