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Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask Review

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Everybody long for smooth, shiny and healthy hair. 
I am no exception. My hair is always frizzy and it caused dry split end. A bad hair day will totally ruin my mood.

How can we tackle this problem and achieve smooth and shiny hair?

This can be achieve by using Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask that promise 96 hours of intensive smooth hair in just 5 minutes.

This is my first time using Asience's hair product and I loved it very much. 

Asian hair is 1.5 times thicker than Caucasian hair and almost round. This requires hair care products that can penetrate deep into the hair core. Understanding the needs of Asian women, ASIENCE is developed for Asian women who wish to improve their hair beauty.

Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask contains Asian Beauty Essences leaf that ensure our hair is sufficiently hydrated and moisturized.

Asience’s Asian Beauty Formula contains 6 Beauty Essences which can penetrate the hair and works from scalp to hair:

- Camelia Oil (Moisturise)
- Lotus (Moisturise)
- Pearl (Repair)
- Licorice (Moisturise)
- Korean Ginseng (Moisturise)
- Shell Ginger Leaf (Soften)

Containing relaxing oriental fragrances formulated with Ginger, Ylang-Ylang and Menthe, the hair mask  gives you an enjoyable spa-like experience.

It intensively moisturizes and heals hair, repairing it from inside-out for smooth and soft locks.

I used the hair mask once a week. So whenever I used the hair mask, I will skip the step of conditioner.

After shampooing, squeeze water out of hair. Apply the hair mask liberally on hair, starting from the mid-section to the ends of hair. Leave the mask on for 5 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. 

Can you see the difference. 
Here is a photo of my hair before and after bath. My hair really become smooth and the frizziness has gone.

My review:

Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask makes my hair feel smooth and soft after using it. This simple application not only nourish my hair, it makes my hair more manageable too. The light floral scent also helps me to ease a little, allowing me to have another 5 minutes relaxation.

This is especially useful when you have an important dates or big event coming up and have no time to visit Salon for hair treatment, just apply the hair mask and you will achieve shiny and healthy hair after the wash.

Starting from June 2014, Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask will be available at NTUC, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong.

Retail price: $18.90 / 180g

Taking into account that the hair mask can be use for quite a long time (use once in a week), I think that the price is very reasonable. Don't you agree?

Good news for all my readers:
If you wish to try Asience Intensive Treatment Hair Mask, you can now redeem your free sample at

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