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Beauty Review: Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate

The rose, prized as a symbol of love and beauty, come in many varieties. 

It is often used in skincare and aromatherapy as it has many benefits to our skin and improve our overall well-being.

A surprise came knocking on my door and I received this lovely Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate for review.

Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate

This is a unique elixir from nature because it contains a thousand roses in a bottle.

Gulsha rose water is the beauty secret used by women for centuries.

As the name Gulsha Rosa Damascena suggested, the product is made from Rosa Damascena which is the most favored rose for producing rose water. It contains 99.9% natural rose extract, undiluted with water. 

Each bottle is delicately produced using traditional steam distillation techniques handed down through generations.

Gulsha rose water is used to cleanse, tone, and nourish your skin as a perfect preparation for moisturizer application. Good for skin hydration.

Benefits of Gulsha Rosa Damascena:

1. Deeply Hydrates
Nourishes and deeply hydrates derma layers, increasing the skin’s oxygen content and elasticity.

2. Effectively Brightens
Contains rich sources of Vitamin C that revitalizes tired skin to impart a glowing complexion.

3. Rejuvenates Skin Cells
Promote cell regeneration, soothe skin and shrinks pores. Keep skin soft and youthful looking.


Do you know that Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate has multiple use?

Read to find out more.

1. Apply directly to face as a balancer after cleansing
Apply the rose water directly to face using gentle motion. (I am using my hand as an example)
Known for  it's anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes and clams irritated skin.

2. As a hydrating face mask

Initially when I received this, I was wondering what was this tablet looked-alike thing about?
It turned out to be a paper mask. I think I very sua gu, first time seeing this.

Soak facial mask with rose water and leave on face for about 10 to 20 minutes for skin hydration and radiance.

3. Brightening rejuvenating eye mask
Add rose water to cotton pads and place on eyes for around 15 minutes to improve dark eye circles.

4. Convenient face mist
Pour into a small misting bottle for your convenience to use while on the move. (working, traveling and outing)

5. For aromatherapy
Enjoy it as aromatherapy for overall well-being and relaxation.

My review:
Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate is actually water-based and it has light rose scent that will calm us down. The rose water is fast absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and hydrating. It also brightened and freshen up my skin so that I looked less tired and have healthy glow. I felt that my skin is nourished with lots of benefits.

On days where I apply makeup, I find that my makeup stay longer when I used Rosa Damascena Distillate and I don't need any touch up. I like Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate, it works well for me.

Gulsha is featured in 女人Queen's Beauty Festival TV program Taiwan 女人美妆大赏. Even Taiwanese love it too.

Fall in love, fall in rose.
Stay beautiful with Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate.

To find out more about Gulsha, please visit

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