Saturday, May 31, 2014

Onboard Singapore Cable Car‏ with DC Comics Super Heroes

What is a perfect weekend to you?

To me, a perfect weekend is about spending quality time with family and friends exploring new place of interest.

I had a great Saturday with activities packed to the brim for me.
Began my day at Faber Peak Singapore for the official launch of the latest Singapore Cable Car Campaign. Singapore Cable Car has unveiled their the new collaboration for its 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

It's been almost 2 years since I last took Singapore Cable Car, I totally missed it. The other time I took was in the night time so I really wanted to try the one in the day to catch the spectacular view of the Singapore's city skyline.

Singapore Cable Car is delighted to bring yet another innovative cable car ‘joyride’ experience to local residents and overseas travellers with the collaboration with Pacific Licensing Studio (PLS) and Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

We can now experience Asia’s First-Ever DC Comics Super Heroes Cable Car in Singapore. What beats flying together with your favourite super heroes.

Let's hear more about it at the launch.

I was here together with  my buddy, Christine.

The mayor was updating us about the latest news happening in town: The Joker has been up to mischief in Singapore and caught lurking around the waters near HarbourFront. The DC Comics Super Heroes are coming together to fight The Joker.

Faber Peak Singapore, located at a high of 100 metres above the sea, will be the mission-base of the renowned Super Heroes. For the next 10 months, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern will also be taking to the skies in the Singapore Cable Car which has been identified as the perfect vehicle to combat evil and save the day!

They will be here with us from 31 May 2014 to 31 Mar 2015.

A spectacular view of Faber Peak.

In creating an immersive and differentiated experience, there will be lots of activities for the young (and the young at heart!) – all at the Peak of Mount Faber. 

Mark the date in your diary on Saturday, 14 June. It's Super Heroes Day. 
Celebrate Father's Day with the DC Comics Super Heroes. Several Super Hero-themed activities have been planned for the little heroes and the big heroes.

Before you onboard the cable car, remember to download 'Fly with super heroes' mobile app to enjoy one-of-a-kind experience where you can ‘fly’ with your DC Comics Super Heroes in the cable car ride.

We were ready to onboard the 'Batman' themed cable car. 
Excitement came rushing over me.
Beware of the photo spam.

I always thought this part would be scary like the moment we ventured out, we will be going down the slope.
But in actual fact, I don't feel anything like that. The ride is smooth and steady, you won't feel scared at all.

Check out the cable car cabin. Both the cabins’ exterior and interior were decked out in ‘DC Comics Super Hero’ graphic wraps.

There will be a couple of QR codes present in the cabin, look for it and scan using 'Fly with super heroes' mobile app. The super hero will be out to save the day.

Woohoo, Batman came out and protect us throughout our ride.
We alighted at HarbourFront and hopped on to Wonder Woman cabin.

Gotcha, Wonder Woman was spanning across the sea.
I really think the app is super cool.

I could even take selfie with Wonder Woman. I had so much fun playing with the mobile app. Come try it too.

Download the app here:

After having fun with playing the app for almost half of the journey, I shall use the other half of the time to enjoy the scenery and for selfie time.

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday city life behind and take a scenic joyride with Singapore Cable Car.

Did you see the two speed boats below?
It was actually Singapore Navy FCU (Fast Craft Utility). Navy@Vivo is back.

Enjoying a bird's eye view of the Sentosa-HarbourFront precinct. The view of Sentosa is so serene.

I enjoyed the cable car ride with my lovely companion (:
We all wore our super hero mask, can you identify us?

There was a meet and greet session with the super heroes and I grabbed a photo opportunity with them.

Booth for hero nail art.

Felt a little awkward when I queued for the nail art because of the most of the people queuing were kids. 
Never mind, I am the young at heart. *Thick skin*

Say hello to my "Wonder Woman" nail art.
It's really beautiful isn't it? I love this design very much (:
The manicurist also compliment me for having nice and long finger nail. Thank you! Thank you!
Anyone wanna sponsor me for manicure? Hehe..

After getting my nails done, it's time to bid goodbye to Faber Peak.

Took the Superman cable car cabin back to HarbourFront.

Is Superman your favourite super hero?

Thanks Singapore Cable Car for having us at the launch. 
We enjoy ourselves very much. Hope to visit Singapore Cable Car soon again.

Purchase your DC Super Heroes cable car tickets now.

Date: 31 May 2014 to 31 Mar 2015.
Ticket price:
Adult - $29.00
Child - $18 (3 to 12 years old)

Add another $10 to the ticket price to enjoy one day unlimited cable car ride and experience all 4 DC Super Hero-themed cabins.

Each ticket includes a DC Comics Super Heroes Cable Car ticket, mask and sourvenir booklet.

For more information, please visit

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