Friday, July 4, 2014

Beauty Review: Majolica Majorca Lash King & Perfect Automatic Liner #36

Majolica Majorca is the makeup brand that I always wanted to try. 
I am so happy when I received 2 makeup products from Majolica Majorca for review.

Tadah, I received Majolica Majorca Lash King & Perfect Automatic Liner #36. The packaging is so pretty, I love it so much.

Let me start off with Perfect Automatic Liner #36.

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner #36 (Limited Edition)

Retail price: $22.90

The water-based dial-type eye liner allows you to easily draw fine, delicate lines or thick, bold lines with its felt pen bristles. Entice with a shimmering pearl color on your eye line!

It is formulated with super fix polymer to give clear and long-lasting eye lines, which is very resistant to perspiration, skin oils and tears. 
Achieve dewy eyes by drawing on the lower lid or a shimmery effect by drawing on the upper lid.

How to use: 
Before using the eyeliner for the first time 
1. Pull out the pink stopper mounted between the cap and the eyeliner. 
2. Press the cap firmly towards the eyeliner completely until there is no gap. 
3. Shake well with the cap on. Remove the cap, gently flatten the edge of the felt-type eyeliner. 
4. Turn the dial about 10 times (10 clicks) before using it.

Before every subsequent use 
- Shake well with the cap on, remove the cap, and turn the dial about 1 or 2 times before using it. 

The brush is very soft and thin, easy to use. Remember to turn the dial so that the colour will come out.

My first pink eyeliner. The colour is pretty unique with shimmer in it.

I applied the automatic liner on my upper eyelid. It resembles glitter eye shadow.

My review:

Perfect Automatic Liner is easy to apply with the smooth and soft brush. The texture is kind of creamy and watery, hence it took awhile to dry up. The pink is very outstanding, I have never tried before pink eyeliner or even eye shadow. The eyeliner is long lasting, it does not smudge or fade away.

The eyeliner is waterproof. The colour still stayed on even after I washed my hand with water.

Majolica Majorca Lash King

Retail price: $25.90

With the newly formulated Lash King, you can achieve king-sized mesmerizing lashes with the 5mm super long fibers. It not only allows you to achieve maximum length, but also maximum volume and fullness with just a single coat. This waterproof formula is also very resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.

Formulated with creamy wax and an increased amount of volume-increasing powder for superb lash adhesion and a clump-free and smooth finishing touch. 

The acrobat catch brush coats the lashes evenly and ensures excellent lash catching and separation effect.

How to use: 
Starting from the roots, apply while lifting upwards, in a zigzag motion. 
For lower lashes, keep brush upright and apply while moving tip of brush sideways. 

See how long my lashes have become with application of 2 coats.

My review:

I am amazed by the lengthening effect of Lash King. It gives a gleaming and volumised effect to my lashes. My eye lashes have always been short. With the application of Lash King, my lashes have  become visible, long and defined. It keeps the shape of my lashes all day long and the fibers stay put. With the long lashes, I wouldn't need to apply fake eyelashes to enhance my eye makeup.

Majolica Majorca Lash King & Perfect Automatic Liner is available at Watsons stores from 26th June ’14 onwards.

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