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Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏ @ The Star Vista

Thai food has become more and more popular in recent years due to the wide variety of Thai dishes they offered. I am now a Thai food lover too. 

Are you always looking out for good Thai food restaurant?

If yes, today I will be introducing you a good hangout place for Thai food:

Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏.

I went to the outlet at The Star Vista. Porn's brings in the concept of SEXY.THAI.FOOD where the diners can select from a variety of more than 50 scrumptious Thai street fares and the Thai drinks are also brewed fresh daily.

Do you know that Porn's Sexy Thai Food is also co-owned by the well-known Mediacorp artiste, Pornsak?

Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏ is co-owned by Pornsak and his business partner, Tuan How.

As we all know, Pornsak grew up in Thailand. Being in Singapore for so many years, Pornsak started missing his hometown food and decided to bring in the most authentic Thai food in his hometown to let everybody have a try. This is how Pornsak's Thai restaurant chain started.

Well, what does Porn's remind you of?

The first thought that came to my mind was sexual lust, but this is definitely not what Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏ means. The definition of Porn's actually means "blessing" and "good wishes" in Thai.

Upon entering, the lively colour of the restaurant ambience cheers me up.

The setting is so much different from the other Thai restaurant that I went to. Usually Thai restaurant will have very authentic setting with the monuments or statues displayed in it. But at Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏, you will not find anything like that. Instead, this Thai restaurant‏ has a very colourful setting that brings out a cheeky and playful concept. It totally suits the name of Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏.

I was pondering on choosing the drink and the staff immediately recommended me their signature drink, Roselle Drink.

This is one of the most popular herbal drink in Thailand. This is refreshing drink that is best served when it is chilled, it immediately eased my thirst.

Get ready for a feast.

I started my meal with Green Mango Salad ($7.90).

The salad was made up of Thai green mango, roasted peanuts, crunchy shrimps tossed together with a palette of Thai spices.

The salad was very appetising and I could taste a fusion of flavours in it. It tasted sweet, sour and mild spicy. The mango salad has spiced up my appetite.

Tom Yum Prawn Soup- Clear Soup Base ($10.90 / $13.90)

The Tom Yum soup was available in 2 different soup base - Red / Clear.

At the look at it, it may look at some bland seafood soup. Do not be deceive by it, the tom yum soup was flavoursome. Being teamed up with chili and lemongrass, it was infused with hot and sour flavour, giving the soup a distinct taste. 

After finishing the small soup of tom yum soup, I could feel the burning sensation down my throat. Totally awesome.

The soup was filled with generous fresh ingredients. 
The soup at Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏ are cooked one bowl at a time. This ensures the freshness of the ingredients and boost the flavour of the soup.

Stir-fried Kang Kong ($7.90).

The kang kong was fried swiftly with cloves of garlic, salted beans and chopped chili. This is a very popular vegetable dishes that is served in Asian cuisines. My favourite veggie.

Thai Prawn Cake ($8.90).

The prawn cake was fried to perfection and I enjoyed the crispy outer layer. The prawn cake was well seasoned with pepper in it, bringing out the enhanced flavour of the dish. It was accompanied with Thai chili sauce which gave a sweet and hot flavouring to the prawn cake.

Helping myself to more of it.

Pad Thai ($9.90)

A popular Thai rice noodle dish served with seafood, great to eat with a squeeze of lime, fish sauce, chili flakes, ground peanuts and sugar.

The best part is you can even control the flavour of the Pad Thai. For example, if you prefer sweet tasting, then you just mix the sugar with your Pad Thai. If you prefer spicy flavour, then you just go for the chili flakes.

For me, I want a fusion of everything so I had the garnishes all mixed.

Kai Pin was in-charge of mixing the garnishes together.

Pad Thai is a must try at Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏.
The noodle was soft and chewy. I got my desired flavour which combined sweet, sour and hot together. My tongue was feeling hot after eating it, do have a glass of drink to stand by at your side.

We ended off our meal with Sticky Rice with Mango ($8.50).

A very classic Thai dessert. The sticky rice tasted delicious with coconut milk soaked on it.

Complement the sticky rice with mango. 
Indulging myself in the delectable treat. The mango was sweet and juicy. Each bite tasted so good, it made me want to go for more.

Well, I had a really sumptuous meal at Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏. Thanks Tuan How for hosting and being so patient in explaining all the details to us. We had an enjoyable time at the restaurant.

If you are looking for a nice place with good Thai food and relaxing ambience, Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏ is the place for you.

Currently, Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏ has 4 outlets in Singapore located at Liang Seah Street, Mount Faber SAFRA, Junction 10 and The Star Vista.

For more information, please visit

Porn's Sexy Thai Food‏
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-09 Singapore 138617

Operating hour: 11am to 10pm daily

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