Monday, June 30, 2014

Sponsored Post: Phantom Joker Escape

I love playing "Can you escape" mobile game because it is fun and addictive.  I feel like a detective where I have to find clues and hidden objects to advance to the next floor, and eventually break out of the rooms.

With more and more demands in escape room games, we now get to play the real escape game in reality. Yeah, I no longer need to play the game virtually.

Follow me to Phantom Joker Escape:

Phantom Joker Escape is a real escape game outlet located in the conservation house close to Outram Park.

The phantom joker escape is founded by a group of real escape game enthusiasts who want to present their own inspiration and understanding of the real escape game after trying so many in Singapore and overseas. They were newly opened since 21st Jan 2014.

Super exciting to try out the gaming experience here at Phantom Joker Escape.

We were at the resting area before the we started our game. The outlet has a spacious resting area and a nice decorated terrace. 

If you are there, remember to 'Like' Phantom Joker Escape Facebook Page to redeem your free drink.
You can log in using the free wifi provided.

Shortly after that, the game masters came to brief us about the game procedure. Each group will be given a walkie-talkie. If we need any help during the game, we can communicated with our game masters using the walkie-talkie and they will come in to help us.

The game duration is one hour.
Additional gaming time will be provided as requested if the players are close to complete the mission but are running out of the time.

Phantom Joker presents you Real-life Role Playing Games.

You are no longer going to escape from a locked room, but facing various more challenging missions in a story series. In this story series, you will be role-playing a heroic and intelligent FBI agent, Carl, whose brother Brook is mysteriously lost and trapped in great danger. 

To seek and rescue your beloved brother, you have to sneak into a celebrated biochemistry company at night, unveil unbelievable truth in a suspicious laboratory, explore in a dark spooky alien world or even eliminate the root of sin after time-travelling to old times. 

There are 5 episodes (5 individual rooms) to this story. By completing each game, you will find a jigsaw piece of the story; and step by step after playing all the games, you will put together the picture of the entire story.

You can start with any episode, there is no need to go by the sequence. The game series is designed in such a way that each individual game has its own independency and integrity. 

We got the most popular room:

Episode 01 - Mysterious Lab Lost in Time

A dubious star company 
Housing a mysterious lab 
Where time travels beyond human knowledge 
Hideous dangers 
Emerging from an inconsistent dilemma 
What should I do 
Am I coming back in one piece ...

Wow, each scene is delicately decorated with story line and the room is equipped with variety of hi-tech Machineries. 

We set off with exciting missions with different challenges, it's no longer as simple as finding the  lock and escaping the room. It required us to move around, finding the possible clues and solve the puzzle. 

Together with my team, we managed to complete the mission and solved the quest.
I wouldn't be able to make it without any of them., this is why teamwork is important because it encourages creativity and different opinions.

I highly recommend Phantom Joker Escape for team building/corporate event.

For more information about Phantom Joker Escape or to book your slot with them, simply visit

Phantom Joker Escape

146 Neil Road
Singapore 088875

$22/pax (Mon-Fri, 1230pm-1800pm)
$28/pax (Mon-Fri: 1800pm-2230pm, Sat,Sun,PH: 1100am-2230pm)



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