Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tokyo Luxey Meet Up at P.S Cafe

Hurrays, Tokyo Luxey has came to Singapore for an exclusive and cosy meetup with Singapore Luxeys.

About Tokyo Luxey
TOKYO LUXEY is a female community that supplies Japanese-made beauty and lifestyle-related information and products of genuine high quality.

The LUXE beauty and lifestyle goods Tokyo Luxey sends include the following: 
・Beauty & Health Foods 
・Miscellaneous Goods

The meetup was at P.S Cafe, a very cosy cafe tucked at Harding Road.
This was my first visit to P.S cafe, it took me awhile to locate the place.

Thanks Ms Chie Maeda for bringing us such a great gathering where I learnt more about the new Japanese products.

Ms Chie Maeda is the managing director and founder of Rouge Asia Inc. She runs the web & mobile site Tokyo Luxey in Asia.

Ms Hiromi Hanado, the marketing director, was there to facilitate the session too.

Both of them are so friendly which made the session very at ease and everybody participated in the interaction, giving them our opinions on the different types of Japanese products we would like to see in Singapore market.

We were being introduced to the various makeup and skincare brands that Tokyo Luxey is carrying currently: Evangelist, Make It & Co, 24h Cosme, Fairydrops, OHYAMA, KOJI HONPO and more.

I had Chicken Rossa Penne for dinner. 
The pasta was accompanied with grilled chicken, smoked bacon, spinach & mixed mushrooms tossed with garlic-tomato cream sauce. Yummy and delicious.

We went back home with a goodie bag each.
Thank you Tokyo Luxey for having me at the event, it was a cosy sharing session and I have made some new friends too.

I know what you are thinking now. 
You must be excited to find out what is in the goodie bag right?

Let's unveil the mystery:

I have gotten the new products from Albion and 24h Cosme.

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

A toner that quickly ascertains skin's condition and restores healthy, trouble-free skin.

It restores skin normal cycle to the corneous cells' metabolic rhythm and leaves skin in smooth, healthy condition. It penetrates the skin well, supplying moisture to the inside of the skin and restoring a lustrous, youthful and supple condition that lasts.

Skin Conditioner Essential is Albion’s no. 1 bestseller in Japan since 1974. 
It is formulated with the original ingredient concentrated Job’s Tears extract. This active ingredient along with other precious natural ingredients work together to help disrupted skin cell turnover normalizes itself back to normal state keeping skin healthy.

How to use
 As part of your morning and evening beauty regimen, after washing face and applying milk lotion, take a generous amount onto a cotton pad and blend it in over the entire face using a light, patting motion.

My review:
The toner has a very pleasant scent that makes me feel calm and at ease. It help to soften and brighten my skin. It is fast absorbed into skin with no sticky feeling. Though the toner seems a little pricey, but it worth the price because this suits sensitive skin as well.

Available in 165ml and 330ml.
The Albion beauty counter is located at Takashimaya Level 1.

Albion Eclafutur

The quick-permeating serum delivers a superb smoothness in an instant, promoting a refined texture and firmness that impart brightness to the whole facial expression.

To be used after applying Albion Skin Conditioner Essential, take two or three pumps on the palm and spread over the whole face.

- Quickly repairs the damage cells suffer on a daily basis.
- Restore the functions of all the skin cells, creating healthy and beautiful skin.

Available in 40ml.

24h Cosme Powder Foundation

24H Cosme Powder Foundation has a cute polka dots compact casing that I love so much. This is my first time seeing such a cute packaging.

24H Cosme Foundation provides coverage for 24 hours and SPF15 PA++. Suitable to wear it all day long. It conceals all skin imperfections and helps create an impressive and health look!

Will review on Albion Eclafutur and 24H Cosme Foundation once I start using soon.

Are you interested to become a Luxey too after hearing so much? Hop over to the website here to find out more.

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