Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fatty Choo International Steamboat‏ @ West Coast Plaza

Usually I am quite depressing on Sunday because of the pre-Monday blues syndrome, but that Sunday has become enjoyable when I started my day with my lovely companions for buffet lunch at Fatty Choo International Steamboat.

Fatty Choo International Steamboat is a restaurant located in West Coast Plaza and is the one of the rare eat-all-you-can steamboat buffet restaurant you can find in the west.

The restaurant was opened on 2nd June 2014 by Singapore's very own celebrity chef, Chef Choo. He was the Former Executive Chef of Rendezvous Hotel Singapore. Best known for his vast experience and exceptional cooking skills, Chef Choo brings over his expertise in creating a sumptuous spread of Singapore’s Favourites to your palate.

 Chef Choo had been featured in many publications of i-Weekly and newspapers, and even as being the guest chef in the popular Chinese TV Programme “Love On The Plate” 名厨出走记.

We took a photo with the celebrity chef, Chef Choo.
Thanks for whipping up the delicious food.

The restaurant has a nice and cosy setting

There are 4 different types of soup base that you can choose from - Tom Yum, Chicken, Bak Kut Teh and Japanese Bonito.

The soup is free-flow per table, you can ask for refill of soup.

Yuan Yang option available is you want 2 soup broths selection.
I like Tom Yum soup the best, followed by chicken soup. The Tom Yum soup spiced up my appetite immediately after my first sip down. It gave a spicy and sour taste. So shiok.

Moving on to the steamboat ingredients next.

Buffet also includes Fresh Cuttlefish balls, Crab balls, Prawn balls, Chilli Fishballs, Fuzhou Fishballs with Chicken Fillings, free flow of Thinly Sliced Beef (Shabu Shabu), Chicken, Chicken Sausage and Luncheon Meat.

Spotted my favourite yi mian at the noodles section.

Fresh Sashimi and prawns are available too.

Sashimi was our favourite.

Wow, there was even a rojak station (Self-Serve counter).

If you are a lover of snow crabs, remember to come to Fatty Choo International Steamboat‏ for dinner because it is only served during dinner.

Indulged ourselves in the wide buffet spread of over 50 items.

Here's some of our selection:

The prawn, beef and pork meat balls were all freshly handmade from the kitchen, they tasted so good.

A must have for every buffet.

More and more items coming.

Our self-made rojak that was on par with the market standard outside. You tiao together with the peanut sauce tasted awesome.

The restaurant also featured the famous Singapore Laksa with condiments.

I had an enjoyable time with the girls eating and chatting away.

More and more food.
We were eating all we can.

Ready cooked food like pork belly and sambal fish were being served too. 

We found Char Siew Pau too.

The steamed bun was very fluffy and soft, the char siew was delicious and not too sweet.

Moving on to dessert.

We had tried the famous durian pengat. For a non-durian lover like me, I find the taste still quite bearable, you can give it a try. For durian lover, this was definitely something you cannot miss.

Free Flow of Ice Cream (Tutti Frutti, Green Tea, Blueberry Ripple, Lemon Sherbet, Chocolate Chips and Vanilla.

Rounded off the buffet lunch with ice-cream. No matter how full I am, I will always leave a room for ice-cream. I really love to eat ice-cream.

We were really pleased with the food and services provided. We had savour all the delicious cuisine from award winning chef. Thanks Fatty Choo International Steamboat‏ for inviting us.

Fatty Choo International Steamboat‏ is currently having a half-year opening promotion on their buffet price which will last till Dec 2014.

Currently, they are having an exclusive deal on which will gives a better discount than promotion price. Check it out here:

If you are working near West Coast Plaza, why not pop by Fatty Choo International Steamboat‏ during lunch on weekdays?
They are having a $9.90 set menu for lunch.

Fatty Choo International Steamboat
West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road 
#02-25 Singapore 127371

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