Sunday, June 1, 2014


Began my Sunday with a hearty breakfast at McDonald @ Harbour Front with GF and CK.
After which, we embarked on an adventure with the Navy as RSS Persistence returned to VivoCity.

Being a military fan, I wanted to visit NAVY@VIVO but lady luck is not always with me when it comes to balloting. Thanks to CK for extending her tickets to me, I have the opportunity to visit NAVY@VIVO this year.

So excited for it, we decided to go for the morning slot on Sunday.

Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) is the sea-based component of Singapore Armed Forces. RSN defends Singapore against sea-borne threats and to protect its sea lines of communications that encompass the Singapore Strait and its access routes.

RSS Persistence (209), we are coming.

RSS Persistence (209) is one of the largest ships in the Navy’s fl eet. The ship is huge enough to carry 2 Fast Craft Utility (FCU) and 2 medium-lift helicopters.

Spotted our national flag and Navy flag when we on board the ship.

Be sure to be in your comfortable wear because there was lots of climbing. The stairs were rather steep so be careful as well.

Felt so homely in it. There was a lounge area where officers where officers could relax during their free time.

Spotted a cute crocodile plushie at the sofa.

GF and I paused here for a photo.

Every little things fascinated me in RSS Persistence (209). This was my first time on boarding.

Thanks CF for this photo and also extending your tickets to us (:

Spotted one machine gun facing the sea.

Paused to take a photo with the machine gun.
Love this photo of us.

The highlight of our tour was the opportunity to take a ride of the Fast Craft Utility (FCU) that was well decked in  the ship.

Prior to boarding the FCU, we have to put on life jackets.

The FCU is a high speed vessel that can lift up to 18 tonnes of equipment and personnel, at a speed of up to 20 knots. The FCU is capable of carrying a troop of soldiers, bulky equipment or even vehicles. Cool right?

I was actually on cable car the day before and I captured these 2 high speed boats moving towards each other. It turned out to be the FCU.

It thrilled us when the FCU was moving at high speed and you could feel some of the rough water splashed in. It was really an exciting ride.

Caught sight of Resort World Sentosa.

The ride was coming to an end, we were reaching RSS Persistence.

Showcasing on the top of the deck was Light Strike Vehicle Mark II (LSV II). 

The vehicle is equipped with enhanced networking capabilities to support the integration with other combat systems during operations against armoured threats.

This is Unmanned Surface Vessel Protector (USV). It performs maritime surveillance and force protection duties during peacetime. 

RSS Persistence also housed a medium lift helicopter. It has a rear flight deck for medium-lift helicopters

Walking up close to the helicopter to find a friendly and handsome pilot sitting in it.
\The Super Puma helicopter helicopter was piloted by the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

A photo with the handsome pilot.
Good job to all SAF officers, you guys did well in keeping Singapore safe and sound.

Being so up close to the helicopter, I hope I have the opportunity to ride it in the future.

With this, I'm coming to an end of my tour.
Gonna miss it so much.

Last picture before I head down.

Thank you Republic of Singapore Navy for organising such a wonderful event.
It is an unforgettable and fun educational insight for me where I get to learn and experience more about the work life of RSN. It motivated me to join SAF too. haha..

Hope I have the chance to learn more about SAF life again. 

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