Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy 75th Birthday to Granny

This year, Granny's birthday fall on Friday.  
We celebrated her birthday on that Friday night at Boon Lay Raja Restaurant. We have a sumptuous dinner to welcome our long waited weekend.

My uncle booked a V.I.P room for us so that we have a private space all by ourselves. Boon Lay Raja Restaurant is definitely not a foreign place for us, we have been there many times for birthday celebration or mother's day lunch.

With our first dish - Longetivity Peach, being served at 7.48pm. I was really hungry by then, should have eat something at home before making my way down.

The cold dish was served in a dragon boat plate.
So interesting. I jokingly told my cousin that I want to bring this home, so next time they come my house, I will serve them the food using this dragon boat plate.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with sea treasures. The soup was flavoursome and thick.

My elder cousin who is still young at heart.

We got a roasted pig all to ourselves. I know it was sinful but I love the skin so much, it was crispy good.

Baby Aiden disliked sitting still in the pram, he needed someone to carry him throughout unless he was asleep. Poor cousin and cousin-in-law have to take turn to look after him.

Steamed Sea Red Garoupa in Hong Kong Style.
The fish meat was tender but be careful, it has lots of bones in it.

Cluster sliced roasted duck with assorted fresh fruits.
Every dish was delicious.

Sliced abalone, fish maw and dried scallop with spinach.

This was cooked using the remaining body parts of the pig that we did not touch. Basically, we only ate the skin of the pig previously.

Our room also has karaoke. Kheng Loon start the ball rolling.

Our 9th dish, fried prawn ball with cereal and salted egg york.
This was my favourite of all.  Love it especially when the shells were already peeled for us.

Fried noodles with seafood.
Hmm, I must say we ate lots of seafood that night.

Chili crab!!!!

Finally our last dish, sweet yam paste with gingko nut.
Wow, we just had a 12 course dinner. Feeling full and satisfied.

The total bill for 2 tables add up to $1,900++. Each year, my uncles, aunt and my dad will take turn to pay for the expenses for my granny's birthday. This time round, it was my uncle's turn. Thanks Uncle for the treat.

My dad thought he was some rich man. You know why?
Because he gave a $50 tips to a waiter who served in our room. I think it is way too much, $5 or $10 will be more than enough. If he thinks he has so much money, he should have give it to me man. *angry*

We were the last customer in the restaurant, shall quickly proceed for cake cutting.

Happy 75th Birthday to Granny.
Wish you a healthy, long life filled with happiness and joy. I love you always.

The cake was really delicious and sweet to my liking. Thanks Vivian's sis for buying the cake for grandma (:

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