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National Day Parade 2014: NDP 2014 Preview

I always wanted to watch National Day Parade live but I never had a chance to except the year when I was in Primary 5. It is not the fun pack that makes me want to attend, but rather it is the live atmosphere to celebrate the nation birthday with everyone that makes me want to attend. I want to sing along all the familiar National Day songs with everyone.

So thankful for the chance to catch NDP 2014 this year. Steffi and I were super gan jiong, we didn't want to miss any part of the show so we went early. We managed to be seated 5 minutes before 5pm.

Both of us were dressed in white that day to match the red and white theme.

This year's theme was "Our People, Our Home".

People is the only resource we have. We are what makes Singapore today and will be tomorrow, and this is worth celebrating. Let's make Singapore a better place for everybody.

I was seated at the yellow zone, I got an awesome view of the parade.
This will be my first and last time watching NDP at floating platform.

Today is a happy day, so let's sing along with some happy songs with the crowds:

Because I'm happy 
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof 
Because I'm happy 
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth 
Because I'm happy 
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you 
Because I'm happy 
Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do

We were both super high, we sang along to every songs. This is what I like about watching live.
If you ask me to sing along in front of television, I definitely wouldn't because the atmosphere is not there.

At this moment, our eyes were all glued to the sky.
Because the Red Lions were making their way down to  Marina Bay Floating Platform.

While waiting for them to land, the host taught us the 'Oh Yeah' cheer. When they were approaching us, we will go 'Ohhhhhhhhh' and when they touched down, we will say 'Yeah'.

The first Red Lion was making his way down. "Ohhhhhhhh!"

Red Lions are formed by officers from Commandos and the Naval Diving Unit. The main role is to put up display jumps and to represent the SAF in competitions.

Time for Parade and Ceremony, my favourite part of the NDP segment.
The marching contingents were marching in uniformly.

The parade has been formed with 35 marching contingents, fronted by four Guard-of-Honour contingents from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Singapore Police Force (SPF).

This year, the parade was led by Parade Commander Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) Wong Pui Pin.

When the "Prime Minister" and "President" arrived, it means time for National Anthem. 
Everyone rises for the National Anthem.

Our Singapore flag was flying past the stadium.

Majulah Singapura.

Haven't been singing National Anthem for a long time. I remembered in Secondary School, I didn't even sing along during the morning assembly. But today, I actually sing it together with everyone. Clearly, the atmosphere makes a lot of difference.

Immediately right after that was the air show performance by F15 aircraft.

Three celebratory volleys of Fire of Joy.

Akan tembak feiu de joie, isikan peluru. 

March-off parade. When the National flag and military flags passed by, everybody rise up, showing our respect to the flags.

2014 is also the year we celebrated 30 years of Total Defence.
The security and stability as a nation has been built upon everyone’s efforts. Everybody plays a part in it.

Showcasing the Dynamic Defence Display (D3) from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

All these displays keep me fascinated.

A spectacular water show by Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB).

Fire! Fire! Help!

Fret not, Unmanned Fire Fighting Machine (UFM) from Singapore Civil Defence Force to the rescue.

The UFM is remotely operated, it frees up frontline responders for the discharge of other critical tasks and enhances responders' ability to penetrate and work in critical conditions. 

The UFM can be deployed to conditions that require ventilation in smoke-logged areas, fire-fighting situations using water mist, jet and foam, tapping water from open-sources.

The show segment used multi-media effects to create a vibrant mass displays. So colourful and nice.

Beautiful fireworks lighted up the floating platform.

Sheikh Haikel and many other artistes leading us singing some of the familiar songs:
Munnaeru Vaalibaa
Chan Mali Chan

Sheikh Haikel even taught us a rap to be sung in between Chan Mali Chan.
The rap goes like this: "This is our home, where we belong."

Towards the end, we reminisced all the familiar National Day songs.

"Home" and "We are Singapore" are two of my favourites. 
Which is your favourite National Day song?

Recited the pledge and sang the National Anthem.

The massive fireworks to end off the show.

It was an impressive show put up by the committee and everyone who was involved. You guys has made it a great one.

Last but not least, thanks H-TWO-O for giving us the opportunity to watch NDP 2014. We enjoyed it very much (:

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