Saturday, October 25, 2014

SOULSCAPE - Yoga & Fitness Festival at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa‏

Here we are at Tanjong Beach Club @ Sentosa‏ for the launch party of SOULSCAPE where we find out more about the inaugural Yoga & Fitness Festival.

SOULSCAPE is the island’s first iconic Yoga and Fitness festival set amidst lush tropical surroundings which started from 4pm to midnight. This one-of-a-kind evening  will offer Yoga and movement workshops by local and regional instructors, fringe activities, a lifestyle and wellness market, world music and a dance party.

SOULSCAPE was created by health and wellness digital magazine and platform - intheLoop.
They connect and engage the local health and wellness community, bringing together like-minded individuals and businesses through yoga, pilates and alternative fitness events.

Thanks Jasmine for the group photo.

This was not my first time trying out yoga. I was being exposed to yoga in the beginning of this year. I find that doing yoga gave me an energized and refresh feeling.

Before the start of the yoga session at sunset and night, there was a holistic lifestyle marketplace and fringe activities to keep us entertained.

The Lifestyle and Wellness market has set up multiple stalls featuring eco-conscious retail therapy, organic foods and cold pressed juices, natural handcrafted soaps and jewellery, and sustainable yoga accessories. 

Other stalls include UV body painting, temporary tattoos and feather tying. 

This particular stall caught our attention because they were giving away free toe slippers.

The slippers have toe separators that help to spread your toes for proper alignment. By re-training your toes to spread out as you walk, it helps improve your posture, balance and strengthen your feet. 
Interesting right?

It's been a long since since I last came to beach. I miss the sandy beach.

Paused for a selfie.

Thanks Jasmine for the group photo again.
We have a great girls gathering.

We came to the fringe activities corner.

One of the activities - Slacklining. It is a balancing activity with a suspended stretch of nylon/polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. One can exploit its balancing properties for activities such as walking, executing tricks and doing yoga poses.

This was a really tough one. Doing it barefoot will be easier.

Hula Hoop is  no stranger to us. It is a fun way to keep fit and trim the waistline. I am suck at doing hula hoop, this is definitely not my forte.

Credits to Jasmine.

The Night Yoga Rave is a dynamic 90min flow session under the moonlight with glowsticks. It looked really cool with all the lightsticks glowing. This was a highlight of the evening which culminates into a spirited dance session.

Through this event, intheLoop hopes to educate people how healthy living weaves into a play-network-connect theme. 3-in-1 benefits.

Thanks intheLoop for the invitation. For more information, please visit

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Family Gathering and Dinner at Century Village

Finally, we come to the last day of our family gathering with our China's relatives. They have been in Singapore for almost a week and they will be flying back to China the next day noon. So our plan for that day was to have a family gathering at my uncle's house, followed by a dinner.

My 小叔 has tabao the local delicacy for our lunch. They are roti prata, bee hoon, rojak, fried carrot cake, char kway teow, curry puff and etc.

Everyone was eating and chit chatting away happily.

My relatives from China still prefer eating porridge for their meal. They are not really used to eating our local food.

More photos of my family:

The cute pie was out to greet everyone.
Here's a photo of cute pie with uncle. So glad that my uncle was feeling all right after one day of rest. All of us were so worried for him.

With my 姑姑.
Thanks Kai Pin for the photo.

My turn to carry Aiden.
Aiden likes to carry him and walk around, he dislikes sitting down in his pram. He is at the stage where he likes to put everything in his mouth to discover the taste and texture of everything, including my hair.

We drove to Bedok Industrial Park to have our dinner at Century Village Eating House.

We split ourselves into 2 big tables

Ordered my all-time favourite drink, lime juice. I was surprised that it comes in a bottle form with a sour plum in it. It tasted refreshing with a strong sour taste.

Some of the common zi char dishes we have ate.

My ah ma with her great-grandchild. 
Aiden belongs to our fourth generation.

Before we parted all, we took a group photo. Here's a family portrait of mine.
I hope my relatives from China have an enjoyable time in Singapore. Because of their arrival, it also provide us an opportunity to meet up among our family. Usually we only see each other on special occasion like lunar new year, grandma's birthday, lunar seventh month and wedding. But for this week, I met up with them almost everyday. It helped us to bond even closer.

I love my family ♥

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ricciotti 10th Anniversary Party - Benvenuti Casa

Happy 10th anniversary to Ricciotti.

Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Deli was first opened at The Riverwalk in October 2004. It has since proven to be as the destination of choice for authentic and affordable Italian gourmet food and pastries in Singapore. Here I was at Ricciotti, the Riverwalk for the anniversary party.

In conjunction with the 10 years milestone, Ricciotti has unveiled a whole new concept, design and menu with the theme "Benvenuti Casa", it means "Welcome Home". Ricciotti is setting up to be a place for everyone – singles, couples, families or friends – to gather and celebrate life.

To match the outlet’s Italian facelift, their menu was also revamped to showcase its premium offerings. Time to kickstart the feast.

Here's what we have for appetizers: Carpaccio Di Polpo, Asparagi Alla Griglia, Polenta Herb Fries, Panzerotti and Nizzarda Salad.

Everything on the plate was so delicious. 
Nizzarda Salad was my favourite of all. I love the fresh tuna loin and quail egg.

Do not be little this curry puff-like Panzerotti. It was actually pizza dough stuffed with chef creation.

Pasta selection from left to right: Spinach Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cheese, Arborio Rice with Seafood and Crab Meat Linguine.

I can't decide which was my favourite: Arborio Rice or Linguine. Both were so delectable. 

The mussels were really fresh and succulent while the Arborio Rice gave a creamy taste that was to my liking.

The crab meat linguine with chili and tomato cream was delicious, the sweet and spicy flavours were infused together to give the perfect taste. Thumb up!

The new Ricciotti offers a experiential dining where consumers can enjoy food, art, music and other cultural experiences, bringing a new cultural dimension for Italian dining.

Ricciotti has on-going collaborations with Italian artists from different backgrounds to make the restaurant’s dining concept a more holistic one, surrounding the theme of Italian culture. The artist at work now.

Next was our main course - Cod Fillet, Chicken Skewers and Grilled Pork Ribs.

I love cod fillet the most. It was soft and tender on the inside, slight crunchy on the outside. It was well marinated and the taste was just right. 

Porcini mushroom pizza with cow's milk cheese. 
A pretty decent dish that family friendly. Everyone love it.

Here comes Tartufo Pizza, the black truffles pizza with quail eggs and mushrooms.
The truffle fragrance was infused into the pizza, bringing out the strong flavour and it tasted yummy. 

Dinner will never be complete without desserts.
We had dessert platters consisting of Soffiatto, Canella Sweet Pizza, Tiramisu and Carrot Cake.

Soffiatto was everybody's favourite at my table. We just love the Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with Stracciatella Gelato, it was a great combination. Every bite was filled with the rich flavour of chocolate. Chocolate lovers definitely will love this.

The tiramisu has rich coffee taste to my liking.

My first time discovering dessert pizza. The canella sweet pizza has cinnamon sugar and raisins that was mouth-watering, perfect to have it for dessert.

With this, it marked the end of the celebration party. 
Ricciotti is definitely a warm and cosy place to enjoy my meal and hang out together with friends after work or on a weekend. Do pop by the restaurant if you are free.

Ricciotti Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road 
#B1-49/50, The Riverwalk 
Singapore 058416 

Tel: (65) 6533 9060
Opening hours: Opens daily: 10am to 11pm


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