Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Face Shop 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration

I have a great Saturday night spent 1-Altitude for The Face Shop 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration.

The Face Shop celebrated this remarkable milestone with a party for Raspberry Roots series where they hit their 1 million sales.

My OOTD for the day.
I wore my favourite black dress out. Not only was it comfortable, the dress also give a nice body shape as it flares at the right place. I wore my new boots out too.

The celebration party was held at Altimate. Standing at level 61, Altimate offers a stunning view of Singapore's cityscape. It was my second visit here.

Beautiful scenery of Marina Bay Sands.

Hanging around and took some photos.
First, a photo with Claressa. 

I love Raspberry Roots.

Thanks GF for extending the invitation to me.

Fall in love with the Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble ice-cream from The Inspired Chef
The ice cream infused with coulis made from fresh, handpicked raspberries and crunchy butter crumbles.

Jasmine and I enjoyed every bits of the ice-cream.

There was a short presentation on Raspberry Roots series.

Originated from Korea, THEFACESHOP is a leading global beauty retail brand offering over 1,000 quality products for skin care, body care, hair care and make up.

Specially developed to resist the effects of time, the THEFACESHOP’s award winning Raspberry Roots line is infused with pure Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots extracts to strengthen and repair the elastin fibers deep within.

Raspberry Roots 3 best sellers:
- Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
- Raspberry Roots Depuffying Eye Gel
- Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch

THEFACESHOP’s Raspberry Roots line restores an ideal moisture balance for a soft and supple texture whilst boosting cellular renewal for a healthy looking glow.

Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

The award winning Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask nourishes, hydrates and relaxes skin throughout the night, letting you wake up to tighter and firmer skin.

Retail price - $25.90/100ml

Raspberry Roots Depuffying Eye Gel

It provides instant cooling sensation and hydration for your eyes. It visibly improve the firmness around your eyes.

Retail price - $25.90/20ml

Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch

An intense eye lift mask that soothe, hydrate and lift your eye area as the eye patch stimulates the formation of collagen, revealing youthful-looking skin.

Retail price - $8.90/2 sets

*Will be doing the product review soon on THE FACE SHOP’s award winning Raspberry Roots line.*

Nice catch up with Shu Hui and Sheron. I haven't seen them for so long, so happy to see them again (:

Enjoying our night away.

Credits to TheFaceShop Singapore.

There was a lucky draw segment at the end of event and I won the grand prize - a bottle of moet champagne. This was my first time winning at lucky draw, I totally never expect it. Thank you so much.

Credits to TheFaceShop Singapore.

With the lovely girls at my table. 

Thank you The Face Shop for having us at the anniversary celebration. It was a joyful night.

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