Tuesday, November 4, 2014

JannPaul's Diamond Education Session

Today I will be sharing with you the things I learnt at JannPaul's Diamond Education Session held at House of Hung.

House of Hung is located at Far East Shopping Centre (beside Wheelock Place).

JannPaul was established in 2009 by three friends, two of whom are second-generation diamond specialists with families already in the jewellery industry. 

We all know that diamonds come with a luxury price tag and we wouldn't be able to tell if a diamond is of good quality or not, we just know that the bigger the better. 

To educate the general public on diamonds and to squash the myths, JannPaul has provide Diamond Education Sessions to their clients in their selection of Super Ideal Cut Diamonds with each session lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours. These non-obligatory sessions serve to educate potential clients on common mistakes that they make when choosing diamonds and as well as provide some helpful tips on diamond procurement.

In selecting a diamond, there are 4Cs to look out for: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.

With one of the widest selection of the extremely popular Hearts and Arrows diamond cuts in Singapore, JannPaul boasts a range including the Solasfera, Cushion Brellia, Angel Cut, and Brilliant Lady diamond cuts. 

JannPaul’s Super Ideal Cut Diamond that is cut in mathematical proportions in which every facet is placed at the exact angles to create a perfect balance between optimum brilliance and the scattering of light.

The terms “ Hearts & Arrows “ used by the diamond industry is refer to diamonds that exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrow.
A pattern of eight symmetrical hearts appears while looking through the pavilion from top, and eight symmetrical arrows are seen when viewing the stone from bottom. They created by the reflection of 16 lower girdle facets in the table of the stone. This phenomenon of harmony can only be seen with the aid of a special magnifying viewer.

Solasfera Diamond gives he world's highest standard of optical quality, light performance and beauty for a polished diamond.

Brellia Diamond is the culmination of nature's most extraordinary gem, perfectly cut to bring to life incomparable beauty and brilliance. The secret that makes these diamonds so much more beautiful is the precise cutting and polishing process.

The Angel Diamond is cut to the most exacting of "Ideal" standards in terms of proportion, polish and symmetry. The Angel diamond is a revolutionary design that maximizes all the classical elements of a diamond's beauty: BRILLIANCE ELEGANCE FIRE.

As one of the first local jewellers to incorporate 3-dimensional technology for their ring customisation service, JannPaul is able to formulate realistic images of the ring before manufacture. This also allows for clients to try on life-size wax replicas of the ring, making the customisation process a breeze for anyone, and especially first-time engagement ring buyers. 

Here are some of the customisation:

JannPaul provides the newest, best and quality cuts diamond at affordable prices. 
A cut above the rest, they do not limit on the number of customisation changes on their rings and instead they look towards servicing and satisfying their client’s needs.

This is JannPaul's latest collection wedding bands: Verragio.

So beautiful and elegant.

This education session is useful as I gain insights about diamonds. If you are interested in going for the education session, pls visit http://jannpaul.com/ for more details.

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