Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ms J Contemplates Her Choice Film Review

We all make choices in our everyday lives. Whether is it right or wrong, our fate will unfold according to the choices we make.

This is inspired from the local film, Ms J Contemplates Her Choice, directed by Jason Lai.

Kit Chan
Xiang Yun
Bobby Tonelli
Seraph Sun
Shane Pow


Jo Yang (Kit Chan), a celebrity radio guest, receives a phone call while on air and sets in motion a series of events that threaten her life and her family. Forced to choose between saving a prostitute or a loanshark, Jo made her choice of saving prostitute, thinking that this is some prank call. It turned out to be real and the loanshark was killed. Her choice is soon confronted by public outcry. This film is inspired by true events in Singapore, and explores how it is more choice rather than chance that shapes our lives.

Bobby Tonelli plays the role as Ken, a DJ who host the same radio show with Jo.

Shane Pow and Seraph Sun are lovers in the film. This is their first time collaboration and they have intimate scenes that you can look forward to.

Xiang Yun on the other hand acts as Jo's elder sister, she is a Chinese teacher.

Personally, I think that everyone's acting was really good and natural. The plot of the story was great, I was amazed by how the story of different characters connect well together. The plot of the film keeps us in suspense and we are hooked in finding out what happened in the end. The film has no clear ending, which leave me feeling puzzled. I actually thought the character would die but she still appear in the ending. I think the movie will be even better the ending is more complete. Nevertheless, it is still a great movie.

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  1. I just want to know, why ms jo's sister crying at the end. Jo and daughter and her son still live. Why she crying



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