Saturday, October 25, 2014

SOULSCAPE - Yoga & Fitness Festival at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa‏

Here we are at Tanjong Beach Club @ Sentosa‏ for the launch party of SOULSCAPE where we find out more about the inaugural Yoga & Fitness Festival.

SOULSCAPE is the island’s first iconic Yoga and Fitness festival set amidst lush tropical surroundings which started from 4pm to midnight. This one-of-a-kind evening  will offer Yoga and movement workshops by local and regional instructors, fringe activities, a lifestyle and wellness market, world music and a dance party.

SOULSCAPE was created by health and wellness digital magazine and platform - intheLoop.
They connect and engage the local health and wellness community, bringing together like-minded individuals and businesses through yoga, pilates and alternative fitness events.

Thanks Jasmine for the group photo.

This was not my first time trying out yoga. I was being exposed to yoga in the beginning of this year. I find that doing yoga gave me an energized and refresh feeling.

Before the start of the yoga session at sunset and night, there was a holistic lifestyle marketplace and fringe activities to keep us entertained.

The Lifestyle and Wellness market has set up multiple stalls featuring eco-conscious retail therapy, organic foods and cold pressed juices, natural handcrafted soaps and jewellery, and sustainable yoga accessories. 

Other stalls include UV body painting, temporary tattoos and feather tying. 

This particular stall caught our attention because they were giving away free toe slippers.

The slippers have toe separators that help to spread your toes for proper alignment. By re-training your toes to spread out as you walk, it helps improve your posture, balance and strengthen your feet. 
Interesting right?

It's been a long since since I last came to beach. I miss the sandy beach.

Paused for a selfie.

Thanks Jasmine for the group photo again.
We have a great girls gathering.

We came to the fringe activities corner.

One of the activities - Slacklining. It is a balancing activity with a suspended stretch of nylon/polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. One can exploit its balancing properties for activities such as walking, executing tricks and doing yoga poses.

This was a really tough one. Doing it barefoot will be easier.

Hula Hoop is  no stranger to us. It is a fun way to keep fit and trim the waistline. I am suck at doing hula hoop, this is definitely not my forte.

Credits to Jasmine.

The Night Yoga Rave is a dynamic 90min flow session under the moonlight with glowsticks. It looked really cool with all the lightsticks glowing. This was a highlight of the evening which culminates into a spirited dance session.

Through this event, intheLoop hopes to educate people how healthy living weaves into a play-network-connect theme. 3-in-1 benefits.

Thanks intheLoop for the invitation. For more information, please visit

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