Sunday, September 7, 2014

Terence's 22nd Birthday Celebration

That Saturday was a busy day for me. I left home at about 9 plus in the morning and reached home after midnight.

After Dell event ended at 1pm, GF, Jasmine and I traveled down to a couple of places to get Terence's birthday present and to meet his girlfriend before we headed down to his birthday chalet at Aranda Country Club, located at Pasir Ris.

This birthday party was actually a surprise for Terence. His girlfriend, Jieying has planned this up with his family without him knowing at all. Terence's birthday falls on Sunday, so Jieying told him to accompany her to her friend's birthday party on Saturday. But she has to be there early to help out so she asked him to come only at night, and he believed it.

We reached Aranda Country Club at about 4pm. The minute we entered the chalet, we immediately plunged onto the bed. 

The trio were all worn out after a long traveling journey, let's have 10 minutes of rest before we started doing anything.

Lazing around.

Last photo with Jasmine before we went out to help decorate the living room.

Our hard work after an hour later.
Look nice right?

Jieying also got him a helium balloon panda. It was so fun to play with, I was taking the panda for a stroll around the house.

It looked like it was my birthday right?
How I wish I could go back to the time where I was 22. I have lots of fun in that year and I cherished those moments.

Can't stop playing with the panda. So cute, it looked like a real pet.

The girls love the panda so much.

Jieying bought the lovely Oscar, Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes for the guests.
So cute, I can't bear to eat it.

Though Terence kinda of suspecting about this party due to leaked information, he was unaware of the people who were invited to the party and that kinda surprised him.

Happy birthday, Terence. 

Thanks Hong Wei for the group photo.
A photo of our clique with the birthday boy to end off the post.

May all your wishes come true and stay happy always.

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