Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Eve Outing to Marina

Chill over at Marina Square on New Year Eve afternoon after we ended our work. 
We have come to the last day of 2014. Wow, this year has passed really fast. Can't believe 2015 is coming!!!
Kai Pin and I just want to spend the last day relaxing around around Marina area.

I have chosen Xin Wang Hong Kong Café for lunch. A place where I love coming frequently.
Instead of ordering main course, we decided to order some side dishes to be shared among ourselves.

We have French Toast with Ice Cream.
This toast alone is very filling. I remembered having this once for lunch and I couldn't finish the toast.

French fries to dip with curry sauce and mayonnaise. Interestingly, the curry sauce is the one we always have for chicken curry.

Last but not least, siew mai.

We felt so full after eating so we took a stroll along towards Marina Bay Sands. When passing by the floating platform area at about 3pm, lots of Big Bang's fans were already queuing up, hoping to get a good spot for the stage show despite Big Bang only come out at 12.30am after the fireworks.

 I kinda of regretted that I didn't bought the ticket early. When I want to get, the tickets for $28 were all sold out. I want to watch Big Bang performing live.

Rehearsal was going on but we wouldn't be able to catch what's going on on the stage. 

Everytime I pop by Marina Bay Sands, I will stop to take a photo of the beautiful landscape. I lost count of how many photos I have for this particular scenery. 

With Kai Pin.

Happy SG50.

After hours of walking, our legs were tired and we were feeling thirsty. We wanted to find somewhere to rest and have something cooling. So we have mango pomelo sago at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert to round up our day. It was a nice gathering on last day of the year.

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