Sunday, February 22, 2015

River Hongbao 春到河畔 2015

Visited River Hongbao 2015 held at Floating Platform @ Marina Bay on the fourth day of Chinese New Year. 2015 is a special year because we are celebrating Singapore’s 50 years of Independence too.
Let's celebrate SG50 together and welcoming the Year of the Goat.

This year, we travelled back in time to 1965 where we recollected some of the precious moments and traditions of our nation’s celebration of Lunar New Year over the past 50 years as part of SG50.

This must be the tallest God of Fortune that I ever seen. The God of Fortune is 18-metre tall.
财神到. 财神到.

All the displays were really beautiful and eye-catching. We can't wait to check out all the displays.

舞狮贺年 Lion Dance Cheers.
Lion dance performance has been a part of our Chinese New Year culture. They will always visit our house on the second day of Chinese New Year.

This is the SG50 Giant Mural Wall.
50 years of independence did not come by easy. Sincerely thank our pioneer generation for the perseverance for building up the country and transforming them into today's cosmopolitan city. Thank you very much.

The chinese Zodiac: Monkey.
2015 looks set to be a smooth-sailing year. Ample support from benefactors shall help propel you closer to success.

For people who are born in the year of Rabbit, 2015 is still an ideal year for you to realise your dreams. Your success shall depend on the thoroughness of your planning.

Zodiac: Horse.
One must be bold to explore new ventures! Your attitude and thoughts shall determine the outcome of this year. You should also stay away from gambling, as you will end up losing more than what you gained.

The best zodiac among all: Tiger.
2015 marks a year of good fortune and abundant opportunities. Along with the aid of benefactors, you shall be able to attain great achievements in all your endeavours. 

2015 is the year of Goat.
Avoid attending celebrations and funerals.
Plan carefully and avoid acting on impulse. Leisure gambling during the Lunar New Year may be a norm, but you must not overindulge in it.

Making my way to the Merdeka (Independence) Bridge.

Merdeka Bridge was built in 1955 and completed in 1956. The name "Merdeka" was given to mark Singapore’s self-government status resulting from the 1955 elections.

好美味 So Shiok!

Wishing Well.
Many were making their wishes and trying to toss their coins to hit the bells.

Feeling hungry and thirsty, we went to check out the food street where there were vast variety of local delicacies, including Hainanese chicken rice, bak kut teh, yong tau foo, satay, Katong laksa, hokkien prawn noodles and ice-kacang served.

We went for mango juice and tako balls.

It was an enjoyable day out. It was a well deserved break for me, I was coping at home the past 2 days rushing for my projects. Need to take a break now and continuing doing later on.

Good bye.

Lovely Brunch at Hediard Café-Boutique

On the 4th day of Chinese New Year, my cousin came over to look for me after her work and we set off together for cafe hopping. This time round, we went to Hediard Café-Boutique situated at Tudor Court in Tanglin.

I was being introduced to Hediard Café during the #BlogMeetSG event. 

With a rich heritage of 160 years of tradition and know-how, the house of Hédiard excels in exceptional gastronomical products and creations. The cafe-boutique serves exquisite brunch, dessert and a wide selection of teas, and the French Gourmet Gifts Boutique.

We wanted something more filling so we went for  Eggs Bénédicte where we were served with 2 poached eggs on toast with Parma ham, shaved parmesan and hollandaise sauce.

Busy snapping photos.
That happens to us when we have meal together. 

I have hot chocolate while my cousin had ice mocha.

We were seated next to the window and the lighting as well as the picture effort turned out good.
The egg benedict tasted great with the egg yolk snoozing out.

I also ordered the Café Gourmand. It comes in a mini-platter of exquisite delicacies of the day together with a cup of black coffee. I actually top up a little more and change it to hot chocolate. 
The delicacies include:
1 Marzipan
1 Fruit Jelly
2 macarons
1 Orangette (orange peel coated with chocolate)

I love macaron the best.

Enjoying my drink at the last.

I enjoyed my time lazing at the cafe, sipping my drink, enjoying the moment and not thinking anything about my work or assignment.

My bill added up to $50 for 2 pax. Personally I think that the food here is a little pricey and the portion is quite small. Thank goodness, we were given $30 vouchers to utilise. So we only paid $20. Nevertheless, the food tasted good and worth giving it a try.

If you happen to pass by Tanglin Mall, do pop by Hediard Café-Boutique for a look.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrity-led tour to #SAF50atVivo with Irene Ang

2015 is a special year for all Singaporeans. 

Not only does it marks the 50 years of Singapore's independence, it is also the 50 years milestone for the formation of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Our independence did not come by easy, military defence plays a big part in keeping Singapore secure and to deter foreign intervention. To celebrate this remarkable milestone of SAF’s 50th Anniversary, the three armed forces — the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) have come together to showcase the military exhibition at SAF50 Vivo.

Actually I try to ballot for the tickets to #SAF50atVivo, however lady luck is not with me again and I didn't manage to got it. Thank FLY Entertainment for this invitation, I have the opportunity to go on a celebrity-led tour to SAF50atVivo hosted by Irene Ang. This is awesome!

With my tour guide, Irene Ang, who will be leading us through exclusive routes, sharing behind-the-scenes information and giving more insight about SAF50.

Our first destination was on boarding Landing Ship Tank (LST) RSS Endurance - one of the Navy’s largest warship.

RSS ENDURANCE 207 is equipped with a well-dock and a flight deck, they provide sealift capability to the RSN.

The SAF personnel sharing with us their experiences during the search of AirAsia flight QZ8501. They have recovered a body and fuselage of the plane.

Exploring around.

Looking down from the highest peak.

Paused for a selfie against the beautiful scenery of Sentosa.

With HP who was on board the tour too.

Finally we board the Fast Craft Utility (FCU). The ride was the best part of our tour. FCU brought us out on a ride to experience riding on this gentle giant.

Wore a cap so that my hair will not be so messy and flying around.

The short 15 minutes ride was coming to an end, we were reaching the dock.

The FCU is part of the Navy's asset and plays a vital role in land-sea operations. It can lift up to 18 tonnes of equipment and personnel, at a speed of up to 20 knots. That is how the troops and equipment are transported across rivers and seas.

We returned safety back to RSS ENDURANCE thanks to the Navy officers who were working hard behind the scene.

With my friendly tour guide, Irene Ang. Thanks for organising this educational tour.
This marked the end of visit to RSS ENDURANCE. Time to head down to the land for more exhibitions about SAF in Vivo City. 

We stopped by at the RSAF Black Knights exhibition.
The Black Knights is the official aerobatics team of the Republic of Singapore Air Force featuring six F-16C Fighting Falcons in formation flight.

The three armed forces has come a long way to become who they are today.  Thanks to the pioneer and current servicemen and women for the great jon. You guys are the pillar of strength to our nation.

They were showcase of military vehicles where the public have the chance to check out the vehicles up close.

More and more military vessels.

The RSAF impressed us with the world's most sophisticated aircraft.

There were mini games going on as well. 
See, Irene Ang was learning to fire the missile of the enemy warcraft.  

Training to be soldier, fight for our land. Singapore Army is always there to ensure that our defence remains strong and solid. Salute.

A group photo to end off the insightful tour at SAF50 Vivo.

It was an unforgettable and fun education insight where I learnt and experienced more about the work life of SAF. It makes me want to join SAF too.


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