Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dragon Blade (天将雄师) Gala Premiere in Singapore

Jackie Chan's latest movie, Dragon Blade (天将雄师), is a must watch movie during this Chinese New Year.

The main cast of Dragon Blade were here in Singapore to attend the gala premiere in Singapore as well as movie promotion activities. The casts attended includes Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Choi Siwon, Lin Peng and Wang Ruo Xin.

Before the movie, the casts will make an appearance outside Golden Village @ Vivocity.

Jean Danker was one of the host.

I was very disappointed during the fanmeet session.
There was no proper stage but a small platform for the casts to step on. As such, the people behind totally couldn't see the casts at all once all cameras were raised high up. This was the best shot I could get when tipping toes.

I'm so thankful to Christine who invited me along to Dragon Blade Gala Premiere where I got the opportunity to see Jackie Chan and Siwon in person. Jackie Chan is one of my favourite all-time movie star and Siwon is the first kpop male artiste that I like. Fangirl mode turned on.

From left to right: Adrien Brody, Choi Siwon, Wang Ruo Xin, Jackie Chan, John Cusack and Lin Peng.
The cast visited our theatre and shared with us some of their experiences during the filming.

Jackie shared with us that this is a big scale movie that took 7 years to make. It is about a story of the soldiers in Han Dynasty and Roman Empire, how they become friends from foe. 

He told us that on the first day of filming, the Roman soldiers were very enthusiastic, wearing the armour and carrying the weapons under the hot sun. By the second day, they were all tired and having muscle ache. hahaha..

Aww, Siwon is so handsome. I can't stop snapping photos of him.

Hollywood star, John Cusack. He is very happy to have the opportunity to come China for filming with Jackie Chan.

Oops, is Jackie Chan looking at my direction?

Throughout the conversation, Siwon communicated with us using English and Chinese. He must have spent lots of effort learning it. Thumb up!

Adrien Brody is happy to work with Jackie Chan too.

Gosh, Siwon is looking at my direction. I'm going to faint. He is forever so dashing.
Love him to the max.

One last photo of Siwon before they left the theatre.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, John Cusack and Choi Siwon 
Director: Daniel Lee
Release Date: 19/2/2015
Running Time: 127 minutes


Huo An (Jackie Chan), the Commander of the Silk Road Protection Squad and his trusted subordinate Yin Po (Choi Si-won) lead a troop of soldiers to safeguard China’s borders and maintaining peace in an era of deep unrest in which Huns nomads roam the northwestern territory occupied by 36 warring nations. 

Huo An meets the beautiful Cold Moon (Lin Peng) when resolving an ethnic dispute. She falls for him when he defeats her in a duet; but Huo An is committed to his troops and teacher wife Xiuqing (Mika Wang) on realizing his dreams of peace on the Silk Road. Just then, wrongfully accused of treason, Huo An and his men are sent as slave laborers to repair the city walls of Wild Geese Gate. 

Huo An encounters Lucius (John Cusack) and his legion of Roman soldiers after taking temporary command of Wild Geese Gate. When a sandstorm approaches, out of compassion, Huo An opens the gates to give shelter to the Romans. In return, the Romans offer their construction expertise, using foreign techniques, to help finish the repair of the city wall before an impossible deadline. 

Lucius and Huo An become trusted friends. The Roman legion had headed east, towards China, because Lucius was trying to protect the life of Publius, the son of a Roman consul, whose life was threatened by his brother Tiberius (Adrien Brody). 

Power-hungry Tiberius had assassinated the consul and blinded his younger brother before the boy escaped with Lucius. Unknowingly, Lucius has fallen into Tiberius' trap. And an even bigger conspiracy, involving the fate of China, is in play.

I was so looking forward to seeing Siwon's acting, but was a little disappointed because his entire scene was less than 3 minutes. His acting was really good.

The message of maintaining peace came out strong. It is very heart warming to see people from different races and culture come together with a common goal and living in harmony. Another highlight to look out for is the action-packed scene. Jackie Chan never disappoint us with his amazing martial arts scenes.

It was a sad ending, with many killed in the war. This is why I hate war. Out of the 6 main cast, only 2 survived. Can you make a guess which 2 survive?

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