Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友 Movie Review

Knowing that this is a movie directed by Kwak Jae-Yong of "My Sassy Girl", I have been wanting to watch "Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友". Thanks GF for bringing me to the movie.

我的早更女友 actually means my early menopause girlfriend in English. This was a hilarious and yet heart warming film.

Genre: Comedy, Romance 
Language: Chinese 
Release Date: Thursday, 5 Feb 2015 
Main Cast: Zhou Xun, Tong Dawei, Han-Liang Chung, Zhang Zilin 
Director: Jae-young Kwak 
Running Time: 99 minutes
My rating: 3.5/5

Four years ago, Qi Jia’s (Zhou Xun) beloved college boyfriend Liu Chong (Wallace Chung) plans to work in Beijing and he asked Qi Jia to follow him over. However, Qi Jia declined as she rather stays in her hometown city. 

At their graduation ceremony, Qi Jia dressed up in wedding dress and proposed to Liu Chong in public, only to be rejected immediately - that was the end of their love story. 

She was devastated and suffered from an early menopause syndrome where she has not come her period for half a year.

During that period, she shared her flat with her schoolmate, Yuan Xiao Ou  (Tong Dawei)who was homeless at that time. Yuan Xiao Ou carry a torch for Qi Jia ever since they were schoolmate. 
To truly love someone is when you want that person to be happy, even if you have to let the person go. Yuan Xiao Ou's love for Qi Jia is what that touched me the most. He stood by her side through thick and thin, He accompanied her to Beijing to win Liu Chong's heart back even though this hurt him.

It's always when someone left, then you will realise that you love him. I actually teared when showing the part where Yuan Xiao Ou left and Qi Jia started having the flashback of the times she was with him. It was really touching.

This is a great movie to watch during Valentine's Day.

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