Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lovely Brunch at Hediard Café-Boutique

On the 4th day of Chinese New Year, my cousin came over to look for me after her work and we set off together for cafe hopping. This time round, we went to Hediard Café-Boutique situated at Tudor Court in Tanglin.

I was being introduced to Hediard Café during the #BlogMeetSG event. 

With a rich heritage of 160 years of tradition and know-how, the house of Hédiard excels in exceptional gastronomical products and creations. The cafe-boutique serves exquisite brunch, dessert and a wide selection of teas, and the French Gourmet Gifts Boutique.

We wanted something more filling so we went for  Eggs Bénédicte where we were served with 2 poached eggs on toast with Parma ham, shaved parmesan and hollandaise sauce.

Busy snapping photos.
That happens to us when we have meal together. 

I have hot chocolate while my cousin had ice mocha.

We were seated next to the window and the lighting as well as the picture effort turned out good.
The egg benedict tasted great with the egg yolk snoozing out.

I also ordered the Café Gourmand. It comes in a mini-platter of exquisite delicacies of the day together with a cup of black coffee. I actually top up a little more and change it to hot chocolate. 
The delicacies include:
1 Marzipan
1 Fruit Jelly
2 macarons
1 Orangette (orange peel coated with chocolate)

I love macaron the best.

Enjoying my drink at the last.

I enjoyed my time lazing at the cafe, sipping my drink, enjoying the moment and not thinking anything about my work or assignment.

My bill added up to $50 for 2 pax. Personally I think that the food here is a little pricey and the portion is quite small. Thank goodness, we were given $30 vouchers to utilise. So we only paid $20. Nevertheless, the food tasted good and worth giving it a try.

If you happen to pass by Tanglin Mall, do pop by Hediard Café-Boutique for a look.

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