Thursday, April 2, 2015

Poly Peers Gathering on Eve of Good Friday

Finally our group meet up again after 3 months, with full attendance this time round.

It's a little hard to fix a date where everyone is free because most of us are studying part time. 
Initially we planned to meet up during the last week of March on 26th, our plan was pushed back because it was the mourning week for LKY and Chan Lin was going for the lying in state at Parliament House with his colleagues on that evening. He thought of coming to meet us at our agreed time whether he get to go in to pay his respect or not. So I decided to postpone our gathering to one week later. We can have our gathering anytime but there is no more next time to pay our respect to Mr Lee. That was our last chance. 

So one week later, we met up for dinner at Pizza Hut @ HarbourFront. The reason for choosing HarbourFront is because it is the nearest to Grace's office and there is high possibility that she will be late due to her work nature. Indeed, she was the latest who reached at about 8pm.

We ordered the below for sharing:
Garlic bread that Steffi was craving for.
Cheesy Shroom Baked Pasta highly recommended by Chan Lin. 
It was cheesy good.

Honey Roasted Wings.

Dipped in honey and browned to perfection. The wings were well seasoned and super tender.

We decided to try out their new pizza - Ranch Style Chicken.
It is made Chicken Breast, Turkey Bacon, Button, Shimeji and Shiitake Mushrooms and BBQ Sauce.

Since the next day is a public holiday, we didn't want to go back home early. We then went for dessert at Honeymoon Dessert.

We had coco mango with vanilla ice-cream

Mixed fruits with vanilla ice-cream.

We were practically here to eat ice-cream. All our choices come with ice-cream.

With Grace and Steffi.

As I grow older, I began to cherish the time spent with family and friends for a meal and chat about everything under the sun. There was never a boring moment because we try to keep everyone in the conversation. Even if there is silence, we don't feel the awkwardness. I don't even have time to take out my phone to surf net because I was engrossed in the conversation.

Glad that our friendship still stay strong even though we only met like 1-2 every year.

These two not very cooperative when come to photo taking. Pretending they never hear what I say.

Feeling happy and satisfied. We shared so much laughter and joy during the dinner. We should plan more meetup again instead of our usual 1-2 meetup a year. We are making progress, this is already our second meetup, more to come this year.

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