Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Food Tasting at IPPIN CAFE BAR - Japanese Makan & Drinks Place

Cafe hopping has been really popular these days. With the increasing number of cafes opening in Singapore, we are spoilt  for choice with wide selection of cafes to visit.

What makes me want to visit a cafe is the relaxing ambience, delicious food and a conducive environment for chit-chatting with friends. 

I was being introduced to IPPIN CAFE BAR, Singapore's first home concept Japanese cafe bar located at Mohamed Sultan Road.

IPPIN CAFE BAR is a place where you feel at home and they served classic Japanese home-style dishes. It is a place for unassuming lunch/dinner spot or a dress-down weekend date.

Other than serving the delicious food, they also sell premium Japanese snacks, cooking ingredients and drinks at affordable prices that are exclusively only available in IPPIN CAFE BAR. These merchandises travel all the way from Japan to Singapore.

Every little things fascinated me.

Another thing I like about the IPPIN CAFE BAR is that the prices are inclusive of GST and Service Charge. The price you see is the price you pay.

A photo before we started eating.

We have salad and Nikujaga (pork and potato) for appetizer before we began our food tasting.

I am not really a fan of salad, but this salad is appetising.

Yakisoba Set ($12 nett)
Yakisoba comes with Kobachi and hojicha pudding.

Yakisoba is Japanese daily food, it tasted delicious and favourful. The favourful taste of the noodle lies in the secret of their savoury sauce. The noodles tasted tangy too.

Oyakudon Set ($15 Nett)
The set comes with miso soup and hojicha pudding.

Chicken and egg on rice, an authentic Japanese dish. The chicken was soft and tender. The bowl was filled with dashi (stock), the rice then absorbed the dashi which gave the authentic taste. The broth was a little bit too much, as a result, the rice turned soggy.

Grilled Oyster & Veggies in Ponzu Butter Sauce Set ($20 Nett)
The set comes with rice (with barley), Hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga, salad and houjicha pudding.

Oysters from Hiroshima. These oysters are raised in clean ocean so be ready for a clean taste. Grilled in special ponzu (yuzu vinegar) butter sauce, it gave a refreshing taste and strong flavour. I liked it very much.

Deep Fried Oyster Set ($24 Nett)
The set comes with rice(with barley), Hatcho Miso Soup and Nikujaga Pork and Potato Stew, Salad and Houjicha Pudding.

The oysters were lightly battered and so they were crispy on the outer. With the first bite, I could feel the juice oozing out and it was crispy good. Dip it with wasabi mayo for enhanced flavour of sweetness with mild sourness and spiciness. I couldn't stop eating.

Tea was the best drink to go with after a hearty meal.

There are 3 types of green tea ($6 nett) available at IPPIN CAFE BAR:

Sencha - The most popular green tea which has the perfect balance of refreshing aroma, delicate sweetness and mild bitterness.

Genmaicha - Being steamed longer than Sen-cha, it caused the tea leaves to split, giving it a stronger yet more mellow taste as well as being highly nutritious.

Hojicha - Roasted green tea(brown) is high in catechin and low in caffeine and tannin, making it suitable for children. 

My favourite of all was Genmaicha, I loved the enhanced taste that is distinctive from the rest.

We tried the Japanese alcoholic beverage, Sake.

I loved Strawberry Sake ($39 nett). It has 17% alcohol content. 
Even someone who is not a good drinker like me love this, the Strawberry Sake has a fruity and sweetener taste that cover the taste of alcohol. I'm sure many girls will love this drink.

We tried the Yuzu flavour too. I still liked strawberry the best.

Diner is never complete without dinner.
I have Houjicha Pudding and Rattsu. Rattsu are coated nut in the coating of strawberry, matcha and coffee. Strawberry is my favourite.

The Rattsu is available for purchase in the cafe too.

Our mandatory group photo before we ended the food tasting. Thanks Meryl for the photo.
Thanks IPPIN CAFE BAR for having us at the food tasting. Here is a hideout corner that I would love visiting again, the set meal is price reasonable and affordable. 

18 Mohamed Sultan Road 
Singapore 238967
Operating hours: 11am to 11pm
Contact number: 6733 4794

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