Monday, June 1, 2015

Yong Hui and Hwee Peng's Wedding Part 1

Woke up early at 7.30am on Vesak Day for my cousin's wedding. 

Yong is the second in our family to settle down. Times passed so fast, still remember the days where we played soccer together whenever my cousin visited my house. Those memories seem like yesterday.

Visit here to see the post on their ROM.

We reached their home at 9am, just nice before the bride and groom arrived.

The wedding car and its miniature. 
The miniature audi car belongs to Aiden.

Oops, Aiden wanted to get out of his car. Crying for help.
Aiden is now 1 years plus old.

Auspicious number pasted on wall, we bet $10 each on TOTO that day.

Get ready for tea ceremony.

The order of serving tea will follow the seniority. For our case, grandma was served first, followed by the parents, uncles and aunts, and then elder siblings.

After drinking the tea, gifts will be presented to the bride and groom in forms of red packets or jewellery.

Taking break in between while waiting for the next in line to settle down for tea ceremony.
The bride looked so beautiful even though she was tired.

Father and son ootd - checkered shirt with bow tie.

Photo with the groom's family.

I find this little boy really cute. He looked a little like 蜡笔小新, especially his chubby cheeks.  

After the tea ceremony,  the pretty bride has changed into her tea dress and was ready to return to her parent's home.

I'm heading back home to have a rest too.
Stay tuned to part 2.

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